10 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

10 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

Thinking you should travel with your partner around the world? It’s the ultimate relationship test travelling the world with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Couples who travel together create strong, long-lasting bonds, as they grow and experience the world together. From improving intimacy to pushing past your comfort zone, there are plenty of reasons to travel as a couple.
Couples who travel together will either make it or break it, there’s no in between and nowhere to hide from your insecurities or frustrations. You’ve probably read inspiring couple travel quotes and are keen to live that reality. Couples who travel together are the definition of relationship goals! Lets face it, who wouldn’t want to share their overseas experiences with their lover?
Travel couple Matt and Kelly from Done With Adulting have shared their secrets and top tips for couples travel. They’ve spent a whole year travelling together 24/7  and are now closer than ever. Matt and Kelly are every couples goals, here are their 10 reasons why couples who travel together stay together!

1. Couples who travel together learn more about each other together

couples who travel together
There is no better feeling than travelling the world with the person you love

Kelly and I had been together for about 10 years before we went traveling, and had been engaged for just under a year, so we knew each other pretty damn well. Regardless of this, spending nearly every minute together for a year traveling, showed us both parts of each other we didn’t necessarily see much of in the past (in a good way).

2. Travel with your partner and create long lasting memories

I can’t even begin to summarise how glad I am about the long lasting memories we created. Whenever we’re back home in the UK feeling a bit down, we can just sit down, read our journals, or watch the footage we shot on our trip, reminiscing about all the good times. There are just far too many things to mention in a single blog post. We laugh about the most trivial of things, that no one else would even think about, but to us they are magical moments.

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3. Couples travel: Developing mutual values

It’s safe to say, we’ve both come back from travelling as different people (excluding the visual changes like a few tattoos, and a much hairier head/face). We’ve both developed a total obsession with the sea (Kelly being under it, me surfing on top). But more importantly, we’ve both re-evaluated our intrinsic values and things that we now count as integral to our lives together. Without a doubt, this wouldn’t have happened without being immersed in travelling for a year, and seeing the impact humans are having on the world.

4. Travel as a couple it’ll bring you closer than ever!

Creating a new level of closeness isn’t always necessarily a good thing. There was a period in India when we both caught Giardiasis, where we spent 9 hours on a bus trying not to shit ourselves (or piss out our arseholes as we both so eloquently described it), after spending the best part of 2 days playing toilet ping-pong with each other. Kelly’s dealt with my drunken stupidity on far too many occasions, and on one occasion I had to stay up for hours after a night on homemade rice wine after Kelly got wasted. It’s safe to say that after this neither of us will be particularly phased by each others stupidity or antics.

You can’t but smiles like this, but having a scooter does help

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5. Couples who travel together catch the travel bug together

You get to have the best honeymoon ever, before you’re even hitched! Lets face it, we can’t all live the dream like Dylan and Monique with the endless honeymoon, but I’m sure many of us would bloody love to. We decided to take the plunge and do the trip of a lifetime before any wedding planning.  Lets face It, we’ve lived the dream for a year, seen some mindblowing parts of the world that some people can only dream of doing. Now we’ve caught the travel bug together, we plan to do it all over again for our honeymoon! Winner winner chicken dinner.

travel couple
Exploring NZ together!

6. Travel as a couple and shape your future

The experiences we’ve had together have totally changed where and how we see our future, and with our future little family. What we initially had in our minds has now totally changed, our priorities have differed, and again, the values we want to enthuse onto our future little ones are unrecognisable from what we had pre-travel. The future is exciting, needless to say!

7. Travel with your partner and push past your comfort zone!

I never thought I’d be able to say that this time last year, we spent 3 days hiking through the Northern Thai jungles, traveled across India from North to South by train, dove uncaged with 4m bull sharks in Fiji, climbed active volcanoes in Indonesia, jumped off gargantuan cliffs in the Philippines, fell 15000ft towards the earth at terminal velocity in Far North Queensland, and Kelly faced her fears and slept in a bamboo hut with a myriad of spiders (on more than one occassion). Some of these things may seem trivial, but for Kelly in particular, these were huge personal challenges that she took on face first, and kicked the crap out of! We encouraged each other to push past our comfort zone and doing it together brings us closer than ever!

8. Travel changes you, change together!

You’ll change as people, but stay on the same wavelength. People say that travel changes you, but lets face it, this is horribly cliche isn’t it? Whilst I haven’t become the stereotypical tie-dye wearing, fire poi spinning hippie, travel has definitely changed me, both inside and out… same with Kelly.

travel couples halong bay
Kayaking in Halong Bay Vietnam!9. Discover the world and travel with your partner

You get to see the world with your best mate! Couples who travel together share an amazing journey full of discovery, experiences and personal growth. There’s just soo much of the world to see, and seeing it together is definitely the best way to see it.

10. Couples who travel together stay together because life is fun!

Life is meant to be shared, so why not share it with someone you love? The year Kelly and I spent travelling the world was the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives. Looking back, even when the going got tough, we stuck it out, and had one hell of a time! That’s why couples who travel together stay together…

travel couple

Top Tips for couples who travel!

• Find time for yourself
• Find time for each other
• Don’t be afraid to tell your other half to piss off
• It’s okay to disagree sometimes
• Remember to COMPROMISE
• Find your own things
• Make your own friends
• Live in the moment

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Author Bio: Done With Adulting
Matt and Kelly are a couple from the UK. They recently got engaged in New York on their 10 year anniversary, after being an item since their first year of University in Cambridge. They both decided to pack in their successful careers in the UK to fulfil their lifelong dream of seeing the world just before Matt’s 30th birthday. Over a year, they covered 12 countries from India to Fiji, living the life of a backpacker on a minuscule budget, fully emerging themselves in local culture, food, and life. Their blog ‘Done with Adulting’ details in depth a beautifully descriptive narrative of their journey through all their experiences and countries, covering a variety of excursions, experiences, cultural shocks, and the occasional unexpected mishap.

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