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Planning your dream honeymoon? Or, perhaps you’re doing some research on the best honeymoon destinations in the world! Check out one of the many unique honeymoon destinations or choose the best undiscovered honeymoon destinations.

We’re here to help you turn your honeymoon inspiration into a reality with our extensive honeymoon guides. Forget travel agents with their phony recommendations & inflated prices. Save your money and plan your honeymoon trip on your own! We’ve compiled a list and guides to some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Be inspired and inspire others to fulfil their honeymoon goals!

Best Honeymoon Destinations By Month

Month Best Honeymoon Destinations
January Thailand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Philippines
February Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, Costa Rica
March Colombia, Belize, Cuba, Namibia
April Spain, Bermuda, Japan, Morocco
May Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Guatemala, Mexico
June Croatia, Greece, Italy, Aruba
July USA, Malta, ​ Fiji, Canada
August Vanuatu, Alaska, ​Czech Republic, Lithuania
September Albania, Peru, Poland, Hungary
October Germany, France, ​Cyprus, Jordan
November Canada, Hawaii, Thailand, Bora Bora
December Australia, Israel, Austria, France

Honeymoon Destinations By Region





North America

South America


Top Unique Honeymoon Destinations

We’ve visited so many unique honeymoon destinations throughout our honeymoon. Now, we want to share our unique honeymoon ideas with you! So if you’re anything like us and want a romantic trip of a lifetime, check out our top 10 unusual honeymoon destinations and unique honeymoon ideas.

Honeymoon Destinations In Alphabetical Order

Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget

There’s a honeymoon destination tailored to suit every budget. From luxury honeymoon destinations to affordable honeymoon packages, there’s something for everyone. We’ve done a rough honeymoon budget calculator to determine if your dream honeymoon destination is realistic for your budget.

If your honeymoon destination is in a column a little outside of your budget, don’t stress! Majority of these destinations can actually work out a little more budget friendly based on where in the world you are. Of course, if you’re after a luxury honeymoon don’t expect a budget price. Our estimated budget is based on two people travelling from Australia and includes flights, accommodation, activites, meals etc. for 1-2 weeks (prices are in USD)

Best Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget Mid-Range Honeymoon Destinations Luxury Honeymoon Destinations
Less than $3000 Between $3000 - $7000 $8000 +
- Philippines
- Vietnam
- Thailand
- Bali
- Mexico
- Cuba
- Hawaii
- New Zealand
- Maldives
- Alaska
- United Arab Emirates
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There’s nothing more romantic than a getaway to some of the the most incredible honeymoon destinations around the world. Thankfully you don’t need to fork out a ton of cash to afford the honeymoon of your dreams.
Forget travel agents, with their phony recommendations and inflated prices. Have a DIY honeymoon and plan it yourself. This way your honeymoon is tailored to suit YOU & your lover!
You’ve probably got your dream honeymoon pictured in your head already… We can help turn your dreams into a reality with our simple, step-by-step DIY honeymoon planning guide
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