The Ultimate Philippines Honeymoon Guide 2018

The Ultimate Philippines Honeymoon Guide 2018


Looking for your dream honeymoon destination? The Philippines is the best beach honeymoon destination in the world. The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands. This breathtaking archipelago is located in the North Pacific Ocean. Is it the perfect blue water and white sand beaches? Perhaps it’s the epic sunsets, that leaves you dreaming of a Philippines honeymoon!

The Philippines was without a doubt our favourite honeymoon destination… Well at least so far. Picture perfect beaches, luscious nature and incredible wildlife on your honeymoon in the Philippines. Go canyoning in Kawasan Falls, surf Cloud 9, scuba dive wrecks and snorkel the pristine coral reefs. The Philippines is vast with lush jungles, epic beaches, secret islands, mountains, caves and volcanoes just waiting to be explored.
The Philippines will be one of the few places in the world, where you can swim alongside the largest species of fish in the world, the Whale Shark! Follow our Philippines honeymoon travel guide for advice and information on the best honeymoon destinations in the Philippines!

palawan honeymoon

About the Philippines

The local people we met on our Philippines honeymoon were just incredible; they’re some of the warmest and welcoming humans in the world. The Philippines differs quite a bit from the other bucket list destinations in South East Asia, as it has a big western influence. Most people speak English quite well, which definitely helps to circumnavigate the vast array of islands, scattered around this breathtaking archipelago!
It has a unique cultural mix with western and Spanish influence, due to Spain and America’s colonization of the Philippines. The local language Tagalog, has many words very similar to Spanish. Although you don’t need to learn Tagalog, it’s definitely good to know a few basics, as it helps gain local respect.
The crowds in the Philippines aren’t nearly as hectic as other honeymoon destinations like Bali and Phuket, however, Boracay does get super busy during holiday periods. Your Philippines honeymoon is going to require a few internal flights, which usually stopover in Manila. Follow our article with tips to make the most out of your stopover in Manila.

Philippines Visa Requirements

Majority of nationalities are able to obtain a free 30day visa upon arrival. Check to see your countries visa requirements. Thirty days is great for those wanting a short holiday, however, it wasn’t nearly enough time for our Philippines honeymoon. If you plan to stay longer than a month, definitely look into getting a 59-day tourist visa. You can obtain this directly from the embassy or online. If you don’t have time to organise this in advance, you can also extend your visa waiver from the immigration office in the Philippines.

Check Visa Requirements

Arriving in the Philippines

It’s utterly breathtaking flying into the Philippines! Looking out the plane window at blue ocean and islands scattered everywhere was just amazing. However, flying into Manila is quite underwhelming and daunting. There are a bunch of new budget airlines flying international into the Philippines like Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.
They’re constantly having sales which help make the Philippines an affordable honeymoon destination if you can snag a cheap international flight. We flew with Cebu Pacific Air, along with a majority of our 65 wedding guests, who scored flights from Sydney to Manila for only $150USD! For our internal and departing flight, we typically used Skyscanner to find the cheapest deal.

Accommodation In The Philippines

There is an abundance of options to suit every budget, for your Philippines honeymoon accommodation. There are romantic resorts on private islands, treehouses in the jungle, villas on the beach and luxury hotels with incredible views. No matter your budget or honeymoon preference, there’s accommodation perfect for your Philippines honeymoon. Airbnb is also big here, you can find some awesome Philippines accommodation options for your Philippines honeymoon, here’s $35 free credit. If you want to save on your Philippines accommodation, here is $20 AUD off your next hotel with

honeymoon philippines
Day 1. of our endless honeymoon

Philippines Honeymoon Hotels

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Philippines Honeymoon Destination

philippines honeymoon hotspots
Honeymoon Philippines


If you’re flying internationally into the Philippines, there’s a good chance that you’ll be arriving in Manila. We’ve got the best Manila travel tips to ensure that you make the most out of your time here and don’t get ripped off. As your plane descends through thick layers of smog and pollution, you’re probably thinking “this isn’t what I imagined the Philippines to look like”. Where’s the white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise ocean? It’s kinda hard to love Manila straight away with a first impression like that, however, the Philippines will grow on you once you head to the beach

Manila city
The crazy city of Manila

Getting Around Manila – Transport

Manila international airport is notorious for ripping off travellers who come to honeymoon in the Philippines. The arrivals section of Manila international airport only has private transfers, to get a public metered taxi you must go to departure level. The metered taxi lines are usually quite long, however, it tends to go quite quickly as there are tons of cabs in Manila. Hail a yellow taxi as they’re metered, however, if you’re travelling during rush hour you’re far better off with a flat-rate shared transfer.
Uber is also quite popular and cheap in Manila and is a great alternative to taxis, especially if you do not have Philippine pesos when you arrive. We’re giving you US$5 off each of your first 4 Uber rides, saving you $20 USD! An even better option than Uber is Grab! It’s cheaper than Uber and there are more drivers. We love using Grab on our Philippines honeymoon as you can’t get ripped off and don’t have to pay with cash (unless you want to). Your first ride is on us, just use our referral code ‘GRABHBACKPACKERS’. Take the hassle out of your Philippines honeymoon by booking your onwards Philippines transport ahead of time.

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Top Things To Do In Manila – Attractions

Majority of the tourist attraction & best things to do in Manila actually involves you leaving the city. There are a bunch of museums and awesome shopping centres to check out. If you’d like to see the city of Manila in one day, you’re better off getting an organised tour. Nearby Manila is Taal Volcano, one of the Philippines most active volcanos. If you’re into history, check out the WWII sightseeing tour of Corregidor Island. Perhaps you’re only in Manila for a day and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. Definitely check out the breathtaking Pagsanjan Falls and the rest of our Manila travel tips

Where to go in Manila: Restaurants and Bars

If you’re not into day trips, that’s okay we loved Manila’s nightlife and party scene, especially in Makati. El Chupacabra is a hidden Mexican street food place with cheap beers. From the front, it looks like a small little takeaway joint, but if you follow the hallway past the kitchen, it opens up into this big open room and bar, styled with some wicked art. The Mexican food is pretty authentic, we spent over 3 months travelling Mexico, so we’ve had our fair share of tacos!
Z hostel is one of the best places to go in Manila as it has a rooftop bar and DJ pumping until the early hours of the morning. The only way to buy drinks is to purchase a wristband & load money onto it. The chip reader is how you pay for your drinks, so you don’t need to stress or try to work out money and change especially while you’re drunk. The view from Z bar is incredible, you can pretty much see all of Manila from up there. People are friendly, the music is good (not Justin Bieber on repeat) and we had a bloody blast at the Z rooftop.

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Honeymoon Philippines

Boracay Island

If you want an island honeymoon on the beach, then Boracay is your ideal honeymoon destination. Maybe it’s the white sand beaches, the crystal clear sea or the tropical island vibes, that leaves you dreaming of a Boracay Honeymoon! This is one of the most romantic Philippines honeymoon destinations. Check out our full Boracay honeymoon guide, with everything you need to know like transport, the best things to do in Boracay, where to drink and where to eat on your Philippines honeymoon.
Note: Boracay is currently closed from May to October 2018 due to sewerage problems and overdevelopment.

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Top Things To Do In Boracay – Attractions

Boracay is the best honeymoon destination for couples who want to relax on the beach and do fun island activities. You can scuba dive, cliff jump, kayak, island hop, zip line, jet ski and more on your Philippines honeymoon in Boracay. Spider House Bar is an incredible place that’s built out of bamboo, perched on the edge of the cliff and boasts an amazing view at sunset.
Have your honeymoon in the Philippines here on Boracay Island! Sitting on the beach, enjoying a few Red Horse Beers or Caipirinhas with the sand between your toes as you watch the sunset, is one of our favourite Philippines honeymoon memories. Make sure you check out our Boracay honeymoon guide for your honeymoon in the Philippines.

Boracay honeymoon
Our honeymoon hotel on Boracay!

Where To Stay In Boracay – Accommodation

Boracay is a small island with some of the best Philippines honeymoon hotels! If you’re looking for a private beach honeymoon, Punta Bunga Beach, Banyugan Beach and Lapuz Lapuz Beach are secluded and exclusive for guests staying at the Shangri-La and Fairways and Bluewater Resort. White Beach is another Boracay honeymoon hotspot, try staying close to station 1, as vendors are forbidden to hassle you on the beach here. There are far fewer people in station 1, with much more privacy compared to station 2 and 3 on Boracay’s White Beach.
The incredible Discovery Shores and Sea Wind Resort are located in station 1 on Boracay’s White Beach, where you will see one of the best sunsets on the island! If you’re after an adventure honeymoon at the beach, Balabag Beach offers kite surfing and White beach has all the water activities you can think of. To save on your accommodation in Boracay here is $20 AUD off with Airbnb is big on Boracay, and you can find some awesome Boracay accommodation at super affordable prices, here is $35 free credit.

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Honeymoon boracay
Breathtaking views of Boracay

Honeymoon Philippines

Palawan Island

Philippines Honeymoon destination Palawan, also known as “the last ecological frontier of the Philippines”, has been named the most beautiful, tropical island in the world numerous times. This is one of those places where photos don’t do it justice. It’s one of the most breathtaking Philippines honeymoon destinations.
Palawan is also where the most luxurious private island resorts are found. Even if you are travelling on a budget, this is the best place to let loose and spend a few days in style. It could take your honeymoon to the next level, giving you a totally different honeymoon experience that you’ll never forget. Since these resorts are pretty expensive, it’s a good idea to book one of the‘s honeymoon packages as they’re a local agent who offers significant discounts.
Philippines honeymoon destination Palawan, is home to UNESCO World Heritage Site & the newest 7th Natural Wonder of the World, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. The island of Palawan has exotic wildlife above and below the sea. Here you’ll find incredible dive sites, quaint little fishing villages scattered along the coast, with jungles and mountains in the central region! Palawan is home to many Philippines honeymoon destinations like Port Barton, El Nido and Coron. It’s fairly easy to travel Palawan and the island isn’t inundated with tourists. If you’re only here for a short amount of time, we’d recommend a multi-day tour, enabling you to see the best of Palawan within your time frame.

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Honeymoon Philippines

Puerto Princesa

It is no surprise that the main attraction here is the Puerto Princesa Underground River! We did some extensive online research before arriving in Palawan and were told that you have to book at least in advance to do the Underground River as you need to obtain a permit. Uber is also quite popular and cheap form of transport in Puerto Princesa. It’s a great alternative to taxi’s and trikes, especially if you do not have Philippine pesos when you arrive. We’re giving you $5 USD off each of your first 4 Uber rides, just saving you $20 USD! An even better option than Uber is Grab! It’s cheaper than Uber and there are more drivers. We love using Grab on our Philippines honeymoon, use our referral code ‘GRABHBACKPACKERS’ for a free ride.

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Top Things To Do In Puerto Princesa – Attractions

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The boat trip from Sabang is a very romantic experience for you and your lover on your Philippines honeymoon. You’re surrounded by crystal clear ocean and pass by many stunning rock formations on your way to the national park. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park entrance is framed with limestone-jagged cliffs and you can hear the sounds of native wildlife.
The Underground River travels 8.2km deep underground, through the surrounding mountains that you see on your drive into Sabang. The river opens up into several massive underground caves, with the most intricate limestone stalactites & stalagmites we’ve ever encountered. One large chamber known as the ‘Cathedral’ is over 60m high and has many cool formations inside like the incredible angel formation mounted on the wall. Try to get the front seat of the tour boat, if you’d like the best view. You are given a headset with an auditory explanation throughout the tour, which is super useful and informative.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
Inside the Puerto Princesa Underground River…

At 1.5km inside you hit the twilight zone, where there are tons of bats and other creatures who have never ever been exposed to sunlight. The biodiversity inside the Underground River dates back 1000’s of years and has many species that have evolved over the years. We shone our torch on a crab, which had the thinnest transparent shell, you could literally see the inside of its body. The photo’s don’t do it justice at all, you need to see it in its full natural state to grasp how incredible the Puerto Princesa Underground River truly is!
Book your Philippines honeymoon tour, it includes transfers and buffet lunch with the option of paying extra for ziplining. Try to get an early tour of the Puerto Princesa Underground River on your Philippines honeymoon as wait times can exceed up to two hours during peak times!

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Puerto Princesa Underground River
Entrance to the Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Night Market

If you’re heading near the public bus terminal and have half an hour free, then you definitely need to check out the night market on your Philippines Honeymoon! They have literally anything and everything imaginable from clothes to shoes, fresh seafood and meats, even some delicious street food. It’s a really authentic experience that most honeymooners overlook when they come for their Philippines honeymoon.
The whole vibe of the market was cool, everyone is so intrigued as to why you’re here and is excited when you’re keen to try their street food. We found the meat section pretty overwhelming… but we’ll give the Filipino’s one thing, they’re really economical and don’t waste any part of the animal.

Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm

Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm are epic off the beaten path experiences, located about 45 minutes from the city. It’s a really interesting honeymoon experience that you won’t get anywhere else in the world. You can literally go to the prison and chat with the inmates who are in jail on your Philippines honeymoon. Kind of crazy, but also kind of cool!
The trike ride was 800p for a round trip, or you can just rent a motorbike and cruise there on your own. Make sure you’re fully covered up, this means your legs and shoulders need to be covered. It’s free to get into the Prison, but you should bring along a gift e.g. cigarettes or money. We’d recommend gifting something that can easily be shared among the inmates.

Where To Stay In Puerto Princesa – Accommodation

The best part about your honeymoon in the Philippines is the affordable cost of accommodation! Stay at Villa Calachuchi for your Philippines honeymoon, the bungalows are set in pristine gardens with a small pool. It’s luxury honeymoon accommodation at a budget price point and it’s located close to the airport.
To save on accommodation costs on your Philippines honeymoon, here is $20 AUD off your next hotel with Airbnb is also quite popular in Puerto Princesa, and you can find some awesome apartments and houses for your Philippines honeymoon at super affordable prices. Here is $35 free Airbnb credit for your Puerto Princesa accommodation.

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philippines swimming
Who wouldn’t want to swim in crystal clear water like this?

Honeymoon Philippines

Port Barton

If you’re looking to relax by the beach away from the crowds on your Philippines honeymoon, Port Barton is the place to go. It’s a great Philippines honeymoon destination that’s off the beaten path… literally. It’s off an unfinished dirt road that has construction going on around you. Perhaps the road has since been finished, nevertheless, it’s a great Philippines honeymoon destination that isn’t packed with tourists. The drive to Port Barton is incredible as it goes through some of the most untouched and underdeveloped parts of Palawan.

About Port Barton Palawan

Port Barton is a little-untouched slice of paradise ideal for newlyweds who’re having a romantic Philippines honeymoon. Relax by the beach, indulge in a couples massage and just relax after all the wedding stress. Philippines honeymoon destination, Port Barton is a very simple town, with dirt roads and no taxi’s, so you have to walk to get around. The beach in Port Barton is far nicer than El Nido and is really secluded for couples wanting their own privacy.

Things To Know Before You Go

  • There is a very limited supply of electricity to Port Barton and is prone to blackouts.
  • There is no ATM in Port Barton, so be sure to get cash out before you arrive. If you’re strapped for cash, you do have the option to wire transfer some money.
  • Try not to hurt yourself, as they have no hospital or doctors in Port Barton either.
  • WiFi comes and goes in Port Barton, so try live in the moment and not on your phone
honeymoon palawan
How incredible is the island of Palawan

Top Things To Do In Port Barton

Island Hopping in Port Barton

Island Hopping is the main attraction here in Port Barton, which is great for couples on their Philippines honeymoon. If you’re on a Philippines budget honeymoon, Port Barton is perfect as they offer island hopping for only 700 Php, opposed to 1,000 and upwards in El Nido Palawan. The price includes lunch and snorkelling, but be wary of people attempting to make you pay an ‘environmental fee’ on some of the islands as it’s already included in your ticket.

Pamuayan Waterfall

Rent a motorbike for the day (400 Php) to find Pamuayan Waterfall and explore the surrounding area. Otherwise, you can walk through the jungle to Pamuayan Waterfall in Port Barton on your Philippines honeymoon. We opted to walk to the waterfall by taking the trail next to Green View Hotel. It takes about 1.5 hours to walk, but it’s amazing as you’re surrounded by nothing but nature, animals and little huts on the side of the road. The waterfall is spectacular, especially on a stinking hot day in the Philippines. You can climb up the side of the waterfall and jump off into the depths below. We got a lift back to town on the back of a motorbike with a local for only 100 Php once it started to rain on us!

How To Get To Port Barton – Transport

You can get to honeymoon destination Port Barton by either land or sea on your Philippines honeymoon. We’d recommend land for couples who’re on a budget honeymoon in the Philippines as it’s slightly cheaper.

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Where to stay in Port Barton – Accommodation

There’s an abundance of accommodation in Port Barton for your Philippines honeymoon. Perhaps you’re after a romantic honeymoon experience? Check out the Ausan Beach Front Cottages with the most incredible sunset view in Port Barton. If you’d like your own private abode, check out AirBnB in Port Barton for your Philippines honeymoon, here’s $35 off your stay!

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Honeymoon Philippines

El Nido

El Nido is a magnificent Philippines honeymoon hotspot that’s surrounded by cliffs and gorges. The sunset turns the whole sky pink as it soon fades to darkness. The view from the beach is incredible, it has a beautiful outlook over the ocean and limestone rocks elevating from the water. If you’re looking for an El Nido honeymoon package, perhaps try staying at an all-inclusive resort like Miniloc Island ResortThere are just so many incredible El Nido hotels to choose from.

About El Nido Palawan

Before you head to El Nido remember to visit an ATM as there’s only one in town and it runs out of cash on a regular basis. Trust us, we found out the hard way… We got stitched up paying a 6% fee on top of our regular bank card fees, while getting cash out from the local gas station. It’s always worthwhile keeping spare cash when you’re on your Philippines honeymoon. You will need to purchase an environmental permit for your El Nido honeymoon. Most tours do not include the 200 Php environmental fee in the price, however, the permit does last for ten days.

palawan honeymoon
loving this tropical paradise!

How To Get To El Nido – Transportation

El Nido Palawan is one of the best Philippines honeymoon hotspots, so it’s quite easy to get here. There’s an abundance of buses, boats and minivans heading to and from El Nido Palawan.

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Top Things To Do In El Nido – Attractions

Island Hopping in El Nido Palawan

The most romantic El Nido honeymoon package includes an island hopping tour! There are four different El Nido island hopping tours you can choose from, however, tour A and tour C are by far the best.
Honeymoon on the beach at the secret lagoon in El Nido, however, it isn’t much of a secret anymore…The romantic honeymoon island hopping tour also stops at the big and small lagoon where you can swim, snorkel and kayak around. We saw turtles, clown fish, parrot fish and tons of other tropical sea life while snorkelling in El Nido. Lunch is caught, cooked and served from the boat and consists of an array of seafood, vegetables, rice and fresh fruit.
Our last stops were Shimizu Island and 7 Commando Beach where we swam in the sea, sunbathed and sipped on fresh coconuts. Everyone on the tour was slightly intoxicated and all friends by the end of it. We had a great day getting day drunk, frolicking in the sea and island hopping around El Nido Palawan on our Philippines honeymoon!

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Island Camping in El Nido Palawan

If camping on a secluded island is on your honeymoon bucket list, then this is the tour for you! We had an incredible time camping on a private island with no power, WiFi and an unlimited supply of rum. The tour includes a little bit of island hopping, all your meals and drinks/alcohol for only 1,500 Php per person. It’s a great deal for newlyweds who’re on a budget honeymoon in the Philippines, as it includes everything you need and saves you money on a nights accommodation.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

El Nido Palawan is famous for its incredible scuba diving and snorkelling. There are so many incredible diving spots to choose from like Nat-Nat, Twin Rocks, Tagbao Island and the diving wall. If you’re not much of a diver and don’t plan on getting scuba certified on your El Nido honeymoon, give snorkelling a go. The best part about snorkelling in El Nido is that majority of reefs in El Nido are fairly shallow, so you don’t need an oxygen tank to see beautiful marine life like turtles, stingrays and tropical fish.

Snorkeling in El Nido
Snorkelling in El Nido

Beaches and Look Outs in El Nido Palawan

There are a few cool lookouts and beaches surrounding El Nido that you should explore on your Philippines honeymoon! You can rent a motorbike for 500 Php for the day or hire a trike driver instead. Watch the sunset from Merimegmeg beach, also known as sunset beach, there are great happy hours here. Spend the day at Las Cababanas beach, swimming in the sea and baking in the sun. Go for a hike to Taraw Peak and take in the incredible birds-eye view of Bacuit Bay. No matter what beach or lookout you find, it’ll be a great adventure on your El Nido honeymoon.

Nagkalit-Kalit Waterfalls in El Nido

Hike through the lush jungle with your lover on your romantic El Nido honeymoon in the Philippines. It’s about a 1-2 hour hike to the Nagkalit-Kalit waterfalls. There is one 10m waterfall and two others with pools beneath them to swim in.

El Nido Honeymoon Accommodation

The best El Nido Palawan Honeymoon Package includes everything from food to accommodation and transport costs. Go glamping for your El Nido Honeymoon at the Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort! Perhaps you’re after a more luxurious romantic honeymoon hotel, check out the Coco Resort in El Nido or the private Miniloc island resort.
To save on El Nido accommodation here’s  $20 AUD off your next honeymoon hotel with Airbnb is also quite popular in El Nido, you can find some really incredible romantic Palawan honeymoon hotels at really affordable prices, here’s $35 free credit with Airbnb.

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Honeymoon Philippines


Honeymoon in Coron Palawan, your dreamy Philippines honeymoon destination. Your Coron honeymoon package isn’t complete without diving, hiking and exploring the island. Coron looks like one of those honeymoon destinations you’d see in a magazine, but it’s actually a very affordable honeymoon destination in the Philippines.
Your Coron honeymoon package is far more budget-friendly than neighbouring destination El Nido, with much more budget accommodation options available. Coron is famous for its incredible coral reefs and wreck diving with limestone formations framing the island.

How To Get To Coron – Transportation

  • Ferry from El Nido to Coron
  • Fly from Manila to Coron
    To get from Busuanga airport to Coron Town catch a shuttle bus. It will set you back 150 Php per person and the journey takes about half an hour, depending on how many people they have to drop off before you.

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Top Things To Do In Coron – Attractions

Island Hopping in Coron Palawan

Spend your Coron honeymoon in the Philippines island hopping and taking in the beautiful surroundings. There’s a ton of island hopping tours that take you to islands like Calamian, Diwaran and Sangatisla. The island of Coron is such a beautiful beach honeymoon destination that’s filled with exotic sites like Barracuda lake, where you can go cliff jumping, free solo climbing and kayaking. Discover secret lagoons like Coron’s hidden and twin lagoons with crystal clear water and incredible limestone formations.

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Snorkelling Tour and Scuba Diving

Coron is famous for its incredible dive spots with many wrecks and immaculate coral reefs around the island. Why not have an adventurous honeymoon and scuba dive WW2 wrecks like the Okikawa Mary japan oil ship that sits 26m below the surface. Perhaps scuba diving isn’t your thing, so maybe snorkelling is? There are some killer snorkelling spots and reefs around the honeymoon destination Coron. Take a snorkelling tour and visit the Iusong coral garden, Siete Picados and Kayangan for the best snorkelling spots in Coron.

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Hike to Breathtaking Viewpoints

Get outdoors and discover some of the most breathtaking viewpoints on your Coron honeymoon in the Philippines. The hike up the stairs to Mt Tapyas will help with those booty gains, we’d recommend doing this in the morning before it gets too hot. The Mt Tapyas viewpoint is incredible, boasting panoramic views of the island! It’s a great spot for couples honeymoon pictures (if you’re not too hot and sweaty).
Outdoorsy kind of people love taking on Mount Tundalara Peak while honeymooning in Coron. The summit is also known as Dalara (meaning maiden), is the second highest peak in Palawan, sitting 640m above sea level. It’s an incredible vantage point with epic views of the island, especially at sunset. We did this awesome Coron tour that enabled us to see everything including Mount Tundalara, with an awesome BBQ beach dinner and bonfire!

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Chase Waterfalls in Coron Palawan

Who wouldn’t want to chase waterfalls on their Coron honeymoon in the Philippines? Go on an adventure with your partner and find the incredible Conception Falls in Coron. You may have to do some semi-rock manoeuvring to get to the falls, but it’s all part of the adventure! The water is so refreshing on a hot day and hardly any tourists know about this secret hidden gem of Coron. It’s a really romantic, off the beaten path spot to visit on your Coron Honeymoon.

philippines island hopping
Island hopping in the Philippines

Relax on the Beach in Coron

Is a honeymoon in the Philippines really complete without relaxing on the beach in Coron? Soak up some sun, swim in the sea and relax following your stressful post-wedding bliss. Atwayan Beach is breathtaking, with white sand and crystal clear water. It’s better known as sunset beach as it boats a spectacular view at sunset.
There are so many beaches to discover in Coron like Dicanituan and Hidden Beach. The most romantic beach in Coron in Banul Beach, pack a picnic and spend the day here with your husband or wife on your Coron Honeymoon in the Philippines! There’s also an awesome tour that visits Kayangan Lake, Siete Pecados Marine Park, Quin Lagoon, Cyc Beach, Bali Beach & the Coral Garden.

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Where To Stay In Coron – Accommodation

There are so many romantic hotels in the Philippines for you and your lover on your Coron honeymoon. If you’re on a budget honeymoon and want to stay in the jungle, check out La Natura Resort! This resort is great value for money, super romantic and is in immaculate condition. Perhaps you’re after complete luxury at a five-star resort like the Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel. No matter what Coron accommodation you and your lover choose, it’ll make for an amazing Philippines honeymoon!
To save on accommodation on your Philippines budget honeymoon, here’s  $20 AUD off your next hotel with Airbnb is huge and all over the island of Coron, you can find some really incredible romantic Coron accommodation options at really affordable prices, here’s $35 free credit with Airbnb.

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Honeymoon Philippines


When you step foot off the plane in Legazpi, you will be overwhelmed by the incredible presence of Mt Mayon. The active volcano dominating the landscape, with Legazpi situated right at the foothills of this giant 2462m mountain. Mt Mayon is dubbed the world’s most perfect volcano and there is no doubt that it’s one of the most picture-perfect volcanos that we’ve ever encountered! Legazpi’s main drive of tourists is typically due to the Whale Sharks in Donsol. It’s the closest major city and airport, therefore it has many travellers and honeymooners passing through.

Local transport philippines
Catching local transport on our Philippines Honeymoon!

Top Things To Do In Legazpi – Attractions

Lingnon Hill Legazpi

Lingñon Hill has an incredible view of Mt Mayon and is also home to other tourist attractions like zip-lining. We made our way here via public transport in one of the famous old school, WW2 Jeepney! You will find yourself in many fascinating conversations with the locals about where you’re from and what you think of the Philippines. Catch a Jeepney with loop 2 on the side, it only costs 10 Php and drops you pretty much at the top of the hill, its right between the city and the Volcano.

Sumlang Lake Legazpi

Sumlang Lake is another cool lookout for Mt Mayon and is quite off the beaten path! It was bloody beautiful there and had an incredible view from the foothills of Mt Mayon. We ate fresh cooked food from locals like Pacit Canton and Torons which are amazing sweet banana spring rolls for only 10p each.
We had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the main road and catch a bus back to town. Literally, every house/hut we walked past everyone waved and said hello, the kids came up and gave us high 5’s and the teenagers playing basketball asked us to join them. Everyone was so infatuated with Dylan not wearing shoes, “Where are your sleepers? Why you not have sleepers on?”. When we got to the main road it was super simple to hail down a Jeepney, this dropped us off at the Cathedral in the city centre for only 10p.

How To Get To Legazpi – Transport

Flights are by far the quickest and easiest option to get to Legazpi, however, there are also buses from Manila to Legazpi that takes about 8 hours. Check your Legazpi transport options with 12GO, it has everything you need to know for transport to and from Legazpi.

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Where To Stay In Legazpi – Accommodation

Casa Roces Bed and Breakfast is a great budget accommodation option for your Philippine honeymoon. They offer a free airport shuttle and can organise all of your tours on your Philippines honeymoon. Perhaps you’d rather have your own place in Legazpi, here’s $35 free credit with Airbnb. To save on accommodation on your Philippines budget honeymoon, here’s  $20 AUD off your next hotel with

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Honeymoon Philippines


Donsol is famous for their unique Whale Shark encounters!  It’s one of the few places in the world where you can actually swim alongside the Whale Sharks in their natural environment. Whale Sharks flock to Donsol due to the high concentration levels of plankton and krill in the water, making it a feeding ground for these beautiful animals.

About Donsol Philippines

Whale Shark season typically starts around November and ends in May. We were lucky enough to see Whale Sharks at the back end of May (May 26th), just before the season ended. It was truly a magical experience, swimming alongside the biggest fish in the ocean which can be as large as 18m!
We chose to see Whale Sharks here in Donsol over Cebu, as they’re in the wild and in their natural habitat. According to the Filipino locals, there are 2 Whale Sharks that live around Cebu year round and they don’t migrate as humans feed them. We did our research and opted for the more ethical interaction in Donsol, read why you shouldn’t swim with the whale sharks in Cebu here!

How To Get To Donsol – Transport

Once you arrive at Legazpi airport avoid getting stitched up with paying for a private transfer, as it’s overpriced and not worth the money. Get a trike to the Bus Terminal (50 Php) and tell the driver that you’re heading to Donsol, following your honeymoon Philippines travel guide. Buses to Donsol leave every hour or when the van is full. If you’re in a hurry you can pay a little bit extra to fill up the seats, however they usually they fill up pretty quick.
The drive to Donsol takes about 2 hours and only costs 75 Php per person. Once you arrive in Donsol city centre, get another trike to your accommodation. It only costs around 20 Php per person. If you’re the type of traveller who likes to book their transport in advance, book your bus or ferry to Donsol here with 12GO!

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Top Things To Do In Donsol – Attractions

Dive with Whale Sharks in Donsol Philippines

We originally came to Donsol to dive the Manta Bowl, where you can apparently see both Manta Rays & Whale Sharks. When we arrived we got chatting with another group of travellers who said that they saw three Whale Sharks just snorkelling in the bay. They always warn you that there is no guarantee that you will encounter Whale Sharks in Donsol, but this was a risk we were willing to take and it was so worth it!
We only encountered one Whale Shark during our expedition, which the captain said was around 8m long. We were in the water swimming beside this beautiful fish on six different occasions over the three hours. During peak season people have free dived with up to 15 different Whale Sharks, but we were happy enough even just seeing one. It was such an incredible experience diving with whale sharks in Donsol, on our Philippine honeymoon.

Firefly tour in Donsol Philippines

If you’re looking for a romantic evening with your lover, go on a firefly cruise on your Philippine Honeymoon! You cruise down the river around dusk to see thousands of fireflies dancing in the sky, while the river will glow from the bioluminescent plankton in the water! The tour takes about 1hr on a boat that can take up to five people for 1,250 Php.

Where To Stay In Donsol – Accommodation

The Elyssia Beach Resort is the perfect accommodation option for your honeymoon in the Philippines. It’s a romantic hotel that’s situated on the beach and is close to the main centre on Donsol. It has everything you need for your honeymoon in Donsol Philippines, from a pool to a restaurant and extremely friendly staff. We loved our stay here and would recommend the resort to other couples who’re honeymooning in Donsol Philippines. To save on accommodation on your Philippines budget honeymoon, here’s $20 AUD off your next hotel with and $35 free credit with Airbnb

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Honeymoon Philippines


Honeymoon hotspot Cebu, known as the queen of the South, is an incredible honeymoon destination in the Philippines. Cebu Island is home to the famous Kawasan falls, Moalboal, breathtaking beaches to honeymoon at and is surrounded by hundreds more islands and islets. Cebu island has to be one of the most romantic islands to honeymoon at the beach in the Philippines.

How To Get To Cebu – Transport

Catching a plane is usually the easiest way to get to Cebu, in the Philippines. Cebu is home to the second biggest airport in the Philippines, just behind Manila. Budget airlines like Cebu Pacific make travelling the Philippines so much cheaper! We paid $40 USD each to fly here from Manila, which is great for budget honeymoons.
Ferries and buses are also a great mode of transport to get to Cebu. 12GO Asia is the most popular form of long/short distance transport in the Philippines, take the hassle out of your Philippine honeymoon by booking your transport ahead of time here! Uber is also quite popular and cheap in Cebu city and is a great alternative to taxi’s, especially if you do not have Philippine pesos when you arrive. We’re giving you US$5 off each of your first 4 Uber rides, just click here to save $20 USDAn even better option than Uber is Grab! It’s cheaper than Uber and there are more drivers. We love using Grab on our Philippines honeymoon as you can’t get ripped off and don’t have to pay with cash (unless you want to). Your first ride is on us, just use our referral code ‘GRABHBACKPACKERS’. 

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Top Things To Do In Cebu – Attractions

Malapascua Island: Cebu Philippines

Malapascua Island is one of the top things to do in Cebu on your Philippine honeymoon. It’s located at the north-most tip of the Island and is known for its world-class diving with thresher sharks! You can dive with the majestic thresher sharks year round, it’s such an amazing and adventurous honeymoon experience.

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Malapascua Island: Transport & Accommodation

To get to Malapascua Island from Cebu City catch bus from the North Bus Terminal to Maya. From Maya catch the public pump boat over to the breathtaking Malapascua Island in Cebu Philippines. The boat costs between 100-200 Php depending on how busy the boat is. It’s such an incredible boat ride over to the island, with breathtaking views and schools of flying fish leaping out of the water.
If you’re after a romantic Philippines honeymoon, stay at the breathtaking Tepanee Beach Resort on its own private beach! We had the most amazing view from our bungalow and the sunset was just incredible!

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Cliff jumping philippines
Would you dare to jump?

Pescador Island: Cebu Philippines

Swim with wild dolphins on your Philippine honeymoon at Pescador Island in Cebu! This honeymoon hotspot in the Philippines is just west of Cebu City in the Tañon Strait. Pescador Island is a romantic honeymoon destination in the Philippines that’s teeming with marine life! The dolphins love the tranquil waters surrounding Pescador Island and use the ocean as a safe haven. Swim up close and personal with dolphins, dive or snorkel the rainbow coral reefs and relax by the beach on your Philippine honeymoon in Cebu!

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Moalboal: Cebu Philippines

Right near Moalboal is Sardine Island which is famous for diving with sardines. Why not have an adventurous honeymoon in the Philippines and go diving among millions of sardines. It’s such an exhilarating experience being surrounded by so many fish, swimming in unison and putting on an underwater show. All the dive sites around Moalboal are lush with marine life and the beaches are just breathtaking.
Perhaps you’d rather something a little more adventurous for your Philippines honeymoon. Definitely give this awesome and exhilarating rappelling adventure tour a go! If you want to go canyoneering at Kawasan Falls, you would love this tour! This is the perfect place to relax by the beach with a drink on your Philippines honeymoon in Cebu!

Moalboal: Transport & Accommodation

Moalboal is quite easy to get to from Cebu city, pre-book your transport to Moaboal as buses fill up during peak periods. Parrot Resort in Moalboal is by far the best accommodation option and it’s on the beach. The resort even organises your transfers to Moalboal, taking the stress and hassle out of your Philippines honeymoon.

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snorkelling philippines
We found nemo on our Philippines honeymoon

Bohol: Cebu Philippines

Discover the famous Chocolate hills in Bohol Cebu on your Philippines honeymoon. Bohol’s Chocolate Hills have breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area and is such a romantic spot for you and your lover. Just catch the ferry from Cebu, it only takes a couple of hours and you can pre-book your tickets here with 12GO. Stay on the island in Tagbilaran city, or explore the nearby tiny islands of Pandanon and Pangangan.

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Oslob: Cebu Philippines

While thousands of tourists flock to Oslob each year to swim with whale sharks, we discourage this for couples who come to honeymoon in the Philippines. The whale sharks are baited, which means that they’re hand fed, deterring them from migrating each year. There are now more than three whale sharks permanently living in the bays surrounding Oslob, they do not migrate nor breed.
To be honest it’s a bit of a shit show for tourists and travellers here in Oslob. They bring far too many boats to the area and just dump everyone into the water. The whale sharks are often kicked and hit by boats (accidentally of course). Tourists are kicking each other with their flippers, frantically trying to catch a glimpse of the whale shark. It’s an amazing experience swimming with the majestic whale sharks, just do it ethically (dive with the whale sharks in Donsol) and be a responsible traveller. Oslob is great, just avoid swimming with whale sharks, perhaps check out the incredible Tumalog Falls instead!

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Kawasan Falls: Cebu Philippines

A honeymoon in the Philippines isn’t complete without conquering Kawasan falls! Kawasan Falls is Cebu’s best waterfall and also the most famous waterfall in the Philippines. Located in Badian just an hour from Cebu City is this awesome honeymoon destination. Go on a canyoning tour to Kawasan Falls or discover it yourself! It’s such a tranquil walk uphill for 2km to reach Kawasan falls, along the way there are many shops selling souvenirs.

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Kawassan falls
Who wouldn’t want to spend their honeymoon here!

Badian Beach: Cebu Philippines

Spend a night honeymooning on the beach in Badian Cebu! It boasts incredible white sand beaches with crystal clear water that’s so refreshing to swim in on a hot day in the Philippines. Have a romantic day just you and your lover canoeing and taking in the natural surroundings of Badian Cebu.

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Osmeña Peak: Cebu Philippines

Go on an adventure with your lover on your honeymoon in the Philippines by conquering Osmeña Peak! It’s the highest point on Cebu, sitting at over a thousand meters above sea level. This will be a challenging hike for you and your partner, but it’ll be worth it once you reach the top!  There’s nothing better than getting outside amongst nature and exploring the real Philippines yourself on your romantic honeymoon in Cebu. Thre’s this awesome tour that combines both Osmena peak & Kawasan Falls together, it’s such an awesome day out!

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Where To Stay in Cebu – Accommodation

Luxury comes at an affordable price if you choose to honeymoon in the Philippines! Stay at the romantic honeymoon hotel in the Philippines called Movenpick Hotel on the breathtaking Mactan island, just off the coast of Cebu. You have your own private beach all to yourself at this five-star honeymoon accommodation in the Philippines. Relax by the beach, away from crowds and people, letting go of all that post-wedding stress.
For great deals and cheap prices for newlyweds on a budget honeymoon in the Philippines, here’s $20 AUD off your next hotel with Why try Airbnb on your romantic Philippines honeymoon, here’s $35 free credit with Airbnb.

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philippines boracay
Loving the views in the Philippines!

Honeymoon Philippines


The island of Siargao is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines as it’s home to the famous surf break known as cloud 9. However, you don’t need to be a hardcore surfer to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, surroundings and natural attractions of the island of Siargao in the Philippines. Perhaps you’re wanting to explore surrounding areas like the Dinagat islands on your Philipines honeymoon in Siargao? It’s the perfect and most romantic honeymoon destination in the Philippines. Home to pristine white sand beaches, colourful coral reefs, enchanting lagoons, exotic wildlife, unique rock formations, cascading waterfalls, lush rice fields and so much more!

How To Get To Siargao – Transport

The only direct flights to Siargao Island are from Cebu City, unlike most other honeymoon destinations in the Philippines which require a stop in Manila. Cebu Pacific is a great budget airline that offers ridiculously cheap honeymoon flights from just $30 USD per person. From Surigao City, you take the Fortune Angel Ferry over to the island of Siargao, book your tickets here with 12GO. Once you arrive on Siargao, take a trike, Jeepney or habal-habal to your honeymoon destination in the Philippines.

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Top Things To Do In Siargao – Attractions

Island Hopping In Siargao

Just off Siargao Island are three incredible smaller islands that are perfect island hopping honeymoon destinations. Spend the day island hopping with your lover on your Philippines honeymoon. Stop into Naked Island where you can’t actually get naked (stitch up from hell) but you can swim in crystal clear, turquoise ocean. Walk along the beach and scratch your toes into the white sand, as you sunbathe and relax on the beach in Siargao, getting rid of all of that wedding stress, now your big day has finally been and gone.
Next stop on your Siargao Island Hoping Tour is the stunning Daku Island with palm trees scattered all over the place. This tiny little fishing village reminds us of a simple time, before the craziness of technology, as there is no electricity on the island of Daku in Siargao. Last stop on our honeymoon island hopping tour was the uninhabited Guyam Island, it looks like something you’d see on the National Geographic channel. Who needs to spend a ton of money on an expensive honeymoon in the Maldives when you can have a Philippines honeymoon for half the price! The Philippines is the best budget honeymoon destination in the world, the whole country is utterly breathtaking and is home to some of the most incredible beaches!

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Surfing in Siargao Philippines

Siargao Island is home to the 8th best wave in the world, Cloud 9! For 8 months of the year (October –May) the surfing capital of the Philippines; Siargao island is pumping out world class sets from the Pacific Ocean. Offering both right and left-hand breaks all around the island. These are more suited for intermediate to advanced level surfers. This gorgeous island is full of empty beaches, sparkling lagoons and lush mangroves. So not only is Siargao an island paradise but also the number one place to surf in the Philippines! Check out our surfing guide to the Philippines for more epic surf breaks.

sirago surfing
Go surfing on your Philippines honeymoon!

Bucas Grande and the Sohoton Caves: Siargao Philippines

Entrance Fee: 100 Php per person
The breathtaking beauty of Bucas Grande is overwhelming, discover enchanting lagoons, cliff jump into the depths below or snorkel with the sting-less jellyfish. We hired a Kayak to explore the marine reserve and Sohoton caves, it was such a romantic Philippines honeymoon experience. The emerald waters surrounding Bucas Grande were just spectacular, it’s well worth the trip here just to see the scenery.

Magpupungko Pool: Siargao Philippines

Make sure you head to Pilar on your Philippines honeymoon and discover the natural infinity pool Magpupungko. We rented a motorbike for the day (350 Php) to explore the beautiful Magpupungko Pool! You can also take a tour that combines Magpupungko Pool and a boat tour of Scuba Lagoon in one.
The natural pool Magpupungko is framed with bizarre rock formations surrounding the area and is separated from the ocean. The water here is utterly breathtaking, with impeccable clarity and all kinds of blue and green shades. It’s a perfect spot to take your lover on a romantic date for your Philippines honeymoon.

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Magpupungko Pool Siargao
Magpupungko’s natural infinity pool!

Where To Stay In Siargao – Accommodation

There are so many romantic honeymoon hotel options for your Philippines honeymoon in Siargao. If you want to spend a little bit extra, you will get complete luxury at the Sunset Bay Beach Villas. The villas are surrounded by tranquil nature with an epic view of the ocean from the veranda. It’s such a romantic honeymoon hotel with a pool, sauna and your own kitchenette.
Perhaps you’d prefer a more budget accommodation option for your honeymoon in the Philippines, check out Bravo Beach Resort. This budget accommodation is perfect for couples who’re on an inexpensive honeymoon, the Bravo Beach Resort has everything you need, a pool and awesome restaurant.
For great deals and cheap prices for newlyweds on a budget honeymoon in the Philippines, here’s $20 AUD off your next hotel with Why try AirBnb on your romantic Philippines honeymoon, here’s $35 free credit for your stay.

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Philippines Budget Breakdown

The Philippines is an affordable honeymoon destination that’s breathtakingly beautiful! Although it isn’t the easiest country to travel with over 7,000 islands making up the Philippines, it’s the best and most affordable beach honeymoon destination in the world. You have the option to have an inexpensive honeymoon in a beautiful destination or go all out with a luxury honeymoon and spoil yourself completely on your honeymoon in the Philippines.
Budget Room Cost: $20+ per night per couple
Local Meal Cost: $5+ depending on the restaurant
Long Distance Coach: $10+ depending on the distance
Average flight costs: $50 domestic flight
Attractions: Most are free or donation only, unless it’s a tour
Local Beer: $3.00+

Philippines Travel Advisory

The biggest expenses you face when backpacking the Philippines are food, transport & accommodation. The easiest way to travel the Philippines on a budget is to cut costs there!

Food in the Philippines

When it comes to food in the Philippines, eat like a local and cut your honeymoon costs down! If a small dingy restaurant is packed with locals, chances are the food is delicious and cheap! Enjoy the street food stands and random places serving food on the side of the road. Although it may seem a little unconventional for western tourists, this is how the locals eat and it’s a great experience. Keep reading for some awesome Filipino food recommendations.
Another great budget honeymoon tip to save money is by cooking for yourself! The local markets are full of fresh produce that costs next to nothing. Whip up a meal for your husband or wife, or pack a picnic to eat on the beach at sunset. Fruit is a great snack that’s cheap, delicious and available everywhere!

Transport in the Philippines

A local bus will cost much less than a taxi or tuk-tuk and will save you money on your Philippines honeymoon. Catch local buses when you’re travelling the Philippines as they’re by far the cheapest transport option.
However, if you’re on a time limit and have a schedule to keep to, pre-book all your transport with 12GO Asia. It takes the hassle out of your Philippines honeymoon having your transport booked and ensures that you won’t get ripped of… Uber has also taken off in big cities like Manila and Cebu, here’s US$5 off each of your first 4 Uber rides.

Accommodation in the Philippines

Save money on accommodation while enjoying your romantic Philippines honeymoon. Honeymoon hotels range in price, however, there are tons of budget accommodation available all over the Philippines, use here’s $20 AUD off your next hotel with AirBnb is also growing in popularity throughout the Philippines. You can rent a room for as little as $7 a night, here’s $35 free credit with AirBnb.

sunset philippines honeymoon
Sunsets are better on the beach!

Philippines Travel Tips

  • Expect all your flights to be delayed

Throughout our whole month long Philipines honeymoon we never actually had one flight that was on time… The weather in the Philippines is a little unpredictable, especially in typhoon season. Just expect delays on your Philippines honeymoon, you’re on island time here!

  • Pack your sunscreen

Make sure you pack sunscreen to bring on your Philippines honeymoon. Sunscreen is nearly 3x more expensive in the Philippines opposed to Australia, crazy right? Majority of the Filipinos don’t actually wear sunscreen. Therefore they can charge exuberant amounts to tourists who desperately need sun protection.

  • Rum is cheaper than water…

It’s crazy to think that rum is actually cheaper than a bottle of water in the Philippines. The more shots of rum, the cheaper your drink generally is. If you’re into pirate parties, then you’ll love the cheap rum and cokes here on your Philippines honeymoon.

  • The Philippines is an LGBT gay-friendly honeymoon destination

One thing we loved about the Philippines is the accepting nature and freedom to express yourself how you want. Gay couples who are planning on having a Philippines honeymoon are going to feel right at home here, with no unwanted prejudice or hostility towards them. The LBGT community here is huge and everyone is extremely accepting!

Island Hopping Philippines
Snorkelling in the Philippines

Best Time To Visit Philippines

There are always good times in the Philippines, however, there are also better times to visit the Philippines on your destination honeymoon. Dry season in the Philippines is between November and April, it’s also the warmest time of the year. So expect humid days, hot temperatures and little to no rain.
December and January is by far the busiest time of the year to have your Philippines honeymoon, as it’s the Christmas holidays.  Prices tend to increase during high season and decrease during wet/typhoon season. Wet season begins in May and ends in October. During wet season the Philippines is prone to experiencing Typhoons. This means that flights, and ferries tend to get delayed or cancelled due to the crazy weather in the Philippines.

Philippines Travel Insurance

You’d rather not think about all of the things that might go wrong on your Philippines honeymoon, but these things can and do happen. We like to think of travel insurance as a safety net, as it’s saved our butts big time on more than one occasion. We had our bags stolen, with passports, cameras and a decent chunk of money, and thanks to travel insurance we were able to replace these valuable items.
I fell ill in Cambodia and had to spend a week in hospital, which racked up a huge hospital debt. Without travel insurance, we would have been in thousands of dollars of debt. It’s not worth the risk to travel without insurance! Keep your mind of ease on your Philipines honeymoon by travelling smarter and safer with World Nomads travel insurance. These guys are the best in the business with affordable coverage for you and your lover on your Philippines honeymoon travels.

Food In The Philippines

Chicken Adobo

The signature Filipino dish is the classic Chicken Adobo. This flavoursome meal is just chicken simply marinate d in soya sauce & vinegar. Chicken Adobo is a simple yet delicious meal that will hit the spot every time!


Balut is a popular street food and delicacy in the Philippines. It’s actually a formed duck or chicken embryo, that’s either 16 or 21 days old. This Filipino food is peeled from its shell and eaten as a snack with a dash of vinegar. Beware, you may find a couple of bones and feathers in this unique food from the Philippines.

Kare Kare (oxtail soup)

Kare Kare is an Indian inspired dish, which is a traditional Filipino a comfort food. It is made up of oxtail, ox tripes, a bunch of vegetables, garlic, chilli, lime and a lovely shrimp sauce.

Transport Philippines
How cool are the buses in the Philippines!

Halo Halo

The famous Filipino dessert Hal Halo, is one of our favourites. Halo Halo means ‘mixed together and that’s exactly what you get! Served in a tall glass it comes with ice shavings, condensed milk, small chunks of sweet mystery goodies including boiled kidney beans, chickpeas, sweet potato, coconut gel, purple yam, ice cream, tapioca and oh so much more!


Humba is a delicious, moist pork belly! Although Humba isn’t the healthiest choice, it is made without preservatives! The pork belly’s marinated in a variety of peppers, brown sugar and vinegar. This way the meat will stay good without needing preservatives!


Sinigang is a sour, clear stew. Made from different sour fruits that are native to the Philippines, with the addition of vegetables and meat or seafood!


Pancit is probably the Philippines most famous food. This noodle dish is made from a variety of ingredients that vary, depending on where you are and what’s available. Usually, pancit will consist of pork, chicken, shrimp, and onion with delicious Chinese inspired noodles.


The Philippines definitely does have a strong Spanish influence & thankfully left over from the Spanish colonisation is Lechon! It is made from an entire pig that has been spit-roasted over coal for hours & will be seen at all the local Filipino parties!

Chicken Inasal

If you’re a chicken fan, then you’ll love the Philipines best food, chicken inasal. This was definitely a stand out at our wedding buffet! The chicken is marinated in lemongrass, calamansi, garlic and peppers. It’s one of the best foods in the Philippines!


Sisig is better to eat not knowing exactly what it is, or at least with an open mind! We gave it a go before someone told us what it was made of and loved it! We won’t give you the details of it, besides from the fact that it’s usually made with pork.


Lumpias are probably our favourite food from the Philippines. It’s your classic fried spring rolls that the locals cook to perfection every time! The best snack food when you’re on the go and it’s so damn cheap.

Useful Phrases: Philippines

Hello – Hi!
Goodbye – Paálam
How Are You? – Kumusta ka?
My Name Is.. – Ang pangalan ko ay …
How much is this? – Magkano to?
Where’s the toilet? – Nasaan ang banyo?
Stop! – Para!
Do you speak English? – Paano mo sabihin ang … sa English?
I don’t understand! – Hindi ko naiintindihan
Thank You – Salamat

Boracay nightlife
Dancing the night away to live music on our Philippines honeymoon

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