Romantic Wedding Anniversary

Romantic Wedding Anniversary

What better way to celebrate our anniversary than a perfect date curated in Sydney by the dream team at Bow and Arrow! For those who struggle coming up with creative date ideas or, are too time poor to plan the perfect date yourself, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. That’s exactly what we did on our second wedding anniversary, it was way too hard to plan any kind of romantic surprise without the other person finding out.
The day started at our Sydney accommodation in the heart of the city! We took a beautiful ferry ride from Circular Key to Manly. The ferry dashed across Sydney harbour with the sunlight glimmering on top of the water. The salty sea breeze kissed our skin as we starred out at sea. We soon arrived at Manly Wharf and walked over to the meeting point just near the pier.

Sydney harbour

Suprise Dylan, we’re going kayaking in Sydney harbour. But, I forgot to pack your swimmers, a towel and a change of clothes. I was so stressed making sure we caught the right ferry, that I forgot to pack pretty much everything we needed, oops. We’re always down for an adventure however, we were totally unprepared for this and it was all my fault. Happy Anniversary babe, glad you still love me.
Turns out we’re not the best at kayaking and struggled hard on this ‘adventure date’! Our paddles kept hitting each other and we couldn’t quite figure out how to paddle in unison. This boat full of fishermen started pointing at us and laughing, at our kayaking struggles.
Then, the Manly ferry came racing past from both directions, leaving us defenceless in Sydney Harbour. Waves started crashing on top of us pushing us towards the rock walls. We now had waves coming at us from both directions as we wobbled back and forth, trying not to capsize or, fall into the sea.

Thankfully we survived the tsunami of waves that came rolling through, thanks to Dylans exceptional navigating and my trusty reassurance “we’re not going to fall, keep your balance”. We finally passed the first cove and were inundated with options of what beach to visit first. My suggestion was to follow to the shoreline around the bay however, Dylan wasn’t so keen. He knew there was a hidden beach only accessible by sea and was headed straight to there!
So we crossed the bay, navigating our way around boats and million-dollar yachts. Dylan thought it’d be hilarious to splash me with his paddle, which almost resulted in us capsizing. We were on the home stretch just meters from shore when a young family popped out of the bushes. Looks like we’re sharing the beach with loud children, yay!

kayaking manly
We pulled the kayak onto the beach, now when I say “we” I actually mean Dylan. To his utmost surprise, we were greeted by a sand heart covered in rose petals, saying “Happy Anniversary”. Thanks to Bow and Arrow, I pulled off the most epic surprise! You should have seen the look on his face.
We had such an incredible set up on the beach, with a delectable antipasto platter filled with artisan cheese, nuts and chocolate. I whipped out the bottle of champagne, as we toasted to two beautiful years of marriage.
The young family soon disappeared and we had the entire beach to ourselves! We enjoyed our food and wine whilst baking in the sun, reminiscing about our wedding day and last years anniversary in Myanmar. Dylan and I went skinny dipping in the sea with not another person in sight. We walked up and down the beach hand in hand, enjoying each and every precious moment together.

private beach manly
It was such a romantic day celebrating our second wedding anniversary. Even though we suck at kayaking, we had an absolute blast out on Sydney Harbour. It’s not every day you get thrown into the deep end like this (literally), and we loved every second of it (tsunami and all). We don’t often we get a chance to do something romantic like this, as the other person usually finds out about the surprise. So if you’re looking for romantic things to do in Sydney, why not try an adventure date like this.
We honestly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! To top it off our ferry back to the city coincided with sunset. So we also had the romantic sunset sailing on Sydney Harbour. Thank you Bow & Arrow for curating the most romantic wedding anniversary ever!

sunset sydney harbour
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