Romantic European Honeymoon Destinations of 2019

Romantic European Honeymoon Destinations of 2019

Most couples spend years dreaming of the perfect wedding and ideal European honeymoon destination. If you’re contemplating on how to spend your honeymoon, perhaps an intimate getaway by the beach or, an extravagant luxurious honeymoon in the Alps is for you? Maybe you dream of rubbing sunscreen on your lover’s back while sailing a yacht or, helping them tie their hiking boots for a day of adventure. Whatever your plans, honeymoon dreams and travel style, you’ll find one of these romantic European destinations perfect for you and your partner. Here are the most romantic European honeymoon destinations of 2018:

Quick Answer: 12 Romantic European Honeymoon Destinations of 2019

  1. Greek Islands, Greece
  2. Budapest, Hungary
  3. Slovenia, Central Europe
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Barcelona, Spain
  6. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  7. Boznia & Herzegovina
  8. Paris, France
  9. Gozo, Malta
  10. Porto, Portugal
  11. Sardinia
  12. Prague, Czech Republic

1. The Greek Islands: Romantic European Destinations

Romantic European Destinations

Greece is one of the most romantic European destinations to spend your honeymoon. You’ll be staring at ancient artefacts and plunging into incredible history in Athens. Take your husband or wife to be island hopping around the breathtaking greek islands, like Santorini, Mykonos and Ios, all filled with unimaginable beauty. While penny-pinching your way through some of the best Greek food Europe has to offer.

You’ll be diving into water clearer than crystal and feeling the warmth of the night air on your sun-kissed skin while travelling Greece. You’ll be able to sip your favourite wine overlooking some of the greatest ocean views from your Santorini villa, or your cosy Airbnb in Athens. Whether you’re both into history or seeing each other in swimsuits, you can work on your tan and your language skills together, while immersing yourself in beautiful Greek culture.

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2. Budapest, Hungary: European Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic European Destinations

Budapest may not have been on your list as your dream European honeymoon destination, but it should be! The entire city of Budapest is bursting with culture and romantic activities. Spend your days soaking in steamy thermal baths or taking the gondola to the top of the citadel, for uninterrupted views over the river Danube.

By nightfall, once you’ve had your fill of cheap, incredible food, you’ll be able to see Europe’s secret city of love covered in a golden hue as it lights itself up for your viewing pleasure. Take a romantic boat ride down the river for the best views, and toast to the beginning of married life. There are so many romantic things to do in Budapest, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most romantic European destinations. Stay at one of the many honeymoon hotels in Budapest, there’s one perfect for every budget.

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 3. Slovenia: Romantic European Destinations

Romantic European Destinations

One of the most romantic destinations in Europe, for those nature lovers, is by far Slovenia. Boasting long stretches of rivers and lakes, cascading waterfalls and hiking trails, Slovenia could be your perfect getaway to nature. Pace out your European honeymoon in Slovenia’s picturesque countryside. It’s a tranquil place to relax and unwind following your wedding celebrations.

Hire a car and spend time seeing each corner of this incredible country. Pull up to take a swim, and camp under the stars in Slovenia. Eat in cafés whose cottage décor and windowsills are full of bright, beautiful flowers. This truly makes the views of the mountains even sweeter. All the while, sipping on Slovenia’s finest blueberry schnapps. There are just so many reasons to visit Slovenia! Why not Spend your honeymoon at one of the most underrated and romantic European honeymoon destinations.

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4. Copenhagen, Denmark: European Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
During the autumn to winter changeover, Copenhagen becomes a winter-lovers dream. This already incredibly beautiful city, with coloured houses lining the sea, turns into a winter wonderland. Stroll through the Christmas markets while the colours of the winter sunset glows across the sky. Climb to the top of the Vor Frelsers Kirke Church to capture the best views over Copenhagen and cuddle up with a cup of gluhwein to keep you warm.
Release your inner child’s wildest dreams by heading into Tivoli Gardens theme park, where gingerbread houses covered in snow sell you waffle sticks and more gluhwein. Copenhagen is a romantic European honeymoon destination year round, but if you’re both winter lovers, this could be the perfect honeymoon trip for you.

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5. Spain: Romantic European Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
The entire country of Spain is one of the most romantic European destinations for any couple looking for sun, great food, culture and of course, quality time together. Head to an outdoor screening of some of the best movies from the past in Montjuic Castle at sunset in Barcelona.
Wander through the glittery markets of Granada after getting free tapas with every alcoholic drink you order. Watch the waves roll into San Sebastian, while you and your lover go surfing together. Or, practice flirting with each other in your newly acquired sexy Spanish accent, in your own cosy hideaway by the beach in Costa Brava. Whatever you’re into as a couple, Spain has you covered. Spend your honeymoon at the beach here in Spain at one of the most romantic places in Europe.

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6. Iceland: European Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
Iceland any time of year is the perfect place for a honeymoon (or a proposal). Of course, we all love the thought of Iceland for its unimaginable natural display of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights spectacular. But, even if you miss the dancing pinks, purples and greens lighting up the night’s sky, Iceland has so much to offer.
Spend your time touring glaciers and roaring waterfalls on Iceland’s ring road. Stay in romantic cottages under the stars, and soak up the steamy mineral waters of the Blue Lagoon. Iceland is the perfect place to sweep your partner off their feet and be completely spoiled with natural beauty. Stay in a heated cottage, surrounded by glass as you stare into the night sky on your European honeymoon, in one of the most romantic European destinations.

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7. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Romantic European Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
Often overshadowed by its popular neighbour Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina could be your perfect European honeymoon destination. Another enchanting place to spend a summer honeymoon is Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will be drawn in with its flowing waterfalls, vibrant culture, and cheap prices.
Bosnia has a rich history and is ready for you two to explore everything it has to offer; dancing in cave bars, tasting its delicacies and feeling the summer warmth on your skin. You’ll be spoilt in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the best honeymoon at one of the most romantic places Europe!

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8. France: European Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic European Destinations

You’ve probably been waiting for it, so here it is. Most couples dream of a honeymoon in Paris in one of Europes most romantic cities. Start your honeymoon in France with Paris, the city of love. Discover the Eiffel Tower glittering under the night sky, laying in a huge hotel bed tasting every cheese imaginable, and strolling around the famous streets with the love of your life.

But France has more romantic destinations…  Almost too many! The south of France is filled with long stretches of beaches, fine dining, and spectacular views. Hire a car and cruise along the coastline, past places like Nice and Cannes, with that sweet French breeze rustling through your hair. Spend your honeymoon in France, at one of the most romantic European destinations!

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9. Malta: Romantic European Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
This tiny island sitting off the southern coastline of Sicily, Italy is filled with beauty and romance. Being one of the smaller honeymoon destinations, you can taste test just about everything Malta has prepared for you. Take a romantic boat ride out to Comino Island and Blue Lagoon for the day. You won’t need a snorkel to see the bottom of the ocean here because of the incredible clarity, but having one is the best way to make the most of your time.
Fine dining or cheap eats, luxurious stays and rooftop bars or cheaper AirBnBs (save $35 here!) and drinks by the ocean, Malta has it all. Read the best books about Italy while enjoying the sunshine! With amazing hospitality from the locals and endless corners to explore, you’ll find yourselves strolling along the seaside hand-in-hand, in no time. Make sure Italy is on your list as one of the most romantic places in Europe!

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10. Portugal: European Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
Nestled side-by-side with Spain, this country has so many destinations to share with you. The kind-natured Portuguese mixed with hot nights and steamy dancing close together in clubs to live bands. The tram rides through its capital city Lisbon, and those nights watching the lights of Portugal’s finest cities glimmer in the moonlight. Spend time in Lisbon, where the intense and vibrant colours of the houses and tiled buildings fill you with joy, and the art scene is bursting at the seams.
Another beauty; Porto in the north. Here you can enjoy time together roaming the streets while they come to life with music and culture. The beaches in Portugal are picturesque, even just 30 minutes outside Lisbon in Cascais where you can hire stand-up paddle boards and have a romantic picnic by the sea.

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11. Sardinia: Romantic European Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
You may not have heard of Sardinia but let yourself be captured by one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe. Sardinia is an Italian island off the west coast of Italy, where time seems to be at a stand-still. You will escape the stresses of everyday life; little to no Wi-Fi, Italian speaking locals and only the more traditional Italian eats. Surprise your senses with this off-the-beaten-path, romantic getaway surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean. With more time to enjoy each other and less worldly distractions, you’ll be able to really be present in every moment in Sardinia, one of the most romantic European destinations.

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12. Prague, Czech Republic: European Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic European Destinations
Prague is nothing short of a fairy-tale; a romantic European honeymoon destination with something for everyone. Remaining virtually untouched over-time. This city is filled with intricate architecture, deep-rooted culture and something worthy of your eyes around every corner. Take a walk over the Charles Bridge while fog slowly settles onto the ground, complementing the pink and yellow hues at dusk.
Explore the Klementinum, where one of the oldest and most beautiful libraries is tucked beside an astronomical tower, standing tall for perfect views over the city. Enter halls of great beauty where talents like Mozart played his music. Join others at the John Lennon wall, where freedom and expression oozes from the concrete. Tour the art scene, the Prague castle, and everything in between. Prague’s accommodation won’t cost you a lot for a luxurious honeymoon, and it’s one of the best picks for the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe.

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Whatever your choice for your honeymoon, if you’ve picked Europe, you can’t go wrong with any of these amazing romantic European honeymoon destinations. Whether you’re having a picnic in Paris, hiking Barcelona’s Montserrat or enjoying the thermal baths in Budapest. There’s something for everyone in every city, with romance around every corner. Europe will certainly be the perfect place to express your love for each other and begin your new adventure as a married couple.
Romantic European Destinations

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