The Importance Of Keeping An Intimate Relationship

The Importance Of Keeping An Intimate Relationship

After two years of honeymooning around the world, my husband and I returned home to Australia. We went from being together 24/7, having the most beautiful, incredible and romantic sex on a somewhat of a daily basis. To living at home with our parents and going back to full-time work (at least temporarily).
We thought our sex life was doomed, when in fact it was quite the opposite. Our intimacy didn’t disappear whatsoever; our sexual attraction and desire for one another actually grew stronger. I forgot what it was like to miss his body against mine and him whispering dirty things he’d like to do to me in my ear. I missed being able to have him, all of him, whenever my heart or body desired.

It’s like a spark has been reignited between us. We appreciated each other more than ever, our sex became all the more passionate and spontaneous, which is exactly what our relationship needed. We spend the average of 2.5 hours together nowadays like most other couples do. It doesn’t seem like much in hindsight but, how much quality time do you actually get with your partner?

Couples on average spend 2.5 hours with their partner each day!

Think about how many times you’re on your phone. Couples on average only get 59 minutes together without technology, how crazy is that! Technology is taking over, not just our everyday lives, but our sex life too. Did you know that 7% of couples actually check their phones during sex and that doesn’t include looking at porn?

I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of answering a work call while having sex. Hoping I sound completely normal while I’m secretly, trying not to moan, sound too distracted or completely puffed out. My husband likes the challenge and strives to make my body erupt in pleasure while I’m talking on the phone.
We love technology don’t get us wrong; it’s enhanced our lives in many ways, especially in the bedroom thanks to couples sex toys. However, being distracted by your phone can also kill the vibe too. When you’re in the moment, mesmerized and satisfied with complete and utter sexual fulfilment, it’s hard to snap out of it to answer your phone.
Exploring sexually with your lover is half the fun of being married. Your partner loves you, every inch of you and, wants to explore your body to its full extent. They want to fulfil all your sexual fantasies and satisfy your desires. There is no better feeling than making your lover, moan in utter satisfaction as they climax.

“There is no better feeling than making your lover, moan in utter satisfaction as they climax”

There’s only so much you can do an experiment with one another, without adding some toys to spice it up a little. Sex toys are designed specifically to enhance and improve your sexual relations. This is where mystery vibe comes in, with its body adaptable smart vibrator.

It’s a whole new world of intimacy out there just waiting for you to explore with mystery vibe’s crescendo. This sex toy bends to suit your body and offers new realms of pleasure to explore.
Before we got hitched, I was told, “the sex is only going downhill from there”. Well, I’m here to tell you that definitely isn’t the case whatsoever. We discovered new, exciting and innovative ways to explore with one another other.
When you’re with someone who truthfully, wholesomely and honestly loves you, exploring new exciting sexual realms suddenly isn’t so daunting. They adore and appreciate your body. You share the deepest of connections with your devoted partner and want to experience everything together. Even after 6 years together, the sex is still exciting and stimulating than ever!

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  1. Such a great post! Love it guys. You’re absolutely right, intimacy is so important to keep in a relationship. It can be easier said than done but your bits of advice are really good. Keeping the magic alive in the bedroom is definitely one of them and something a lot of people can so easily forget I think. Me and my partner has experimented with sex toys before and it really worked for us!

    1. Thanks lovely! It’s definitely essential for an intimate long-term relationship (at least for us). That’s awesome that it’s worked for you guys too! We always try to mix things up to keep our romance and intimacy alive. So far it’s worked a treat 🙂

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