Ultimate Vietnam Honeymoon Guide 2019

Ultimate Vietnam Honeymoon Guide 2019

Vietnam is one weird, crazy yet wonderful place. It’s rich in culture and history, yet modern, chaotic and touristic at the same time. There are so many reasons to honeymoon in Vietnam, not only is Vietnam breathtaking, it’s also an affordable budget honeymoon destination. Whether you’re checking out busy mega-cities like Hanoi and Saigon or trekking through rural villages in Sapa, your honeymoon in Vietnam is sure to be unforgettable! Be adventurous on your Vietnam honeymoon and ride a motorbike from North to South like we did. It was such a fun adventure getting lost, it led us to the most romantic destinations in Vietnam and made for some awesome honeymoon chronicles. Follow our Vietnam honeymoon itinerary for the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam.

Honeymoon Halong Bay
Overlooking the breathtaking Halong Bay

Honeymoon In Vietnam

About Vietnam

A honeymoon in Vietnam isn’t complete without unforgettable, romantic and adventurous experiences. From rural adventures and treks in the North, to partying and trying to understand how the hell traffic works in Ho Chi Minh. Ride your motorbike to the Chinese border in Hai Giang or conquer ‘Top Gear’s’ Hai Van Pass! Explore the world’s largest caves in Phong Nha, or cruise across the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay. Explore the ancient, old city of Hoi An while you’re waiting for your tailor-made clothes and leather products on your Vietnam honeymoon.

honeymoon in vietnam
The charming streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Vietnam Visa Requirements

Take the stress and hassle out of your Vietnam honeymoon and get your Vietnam Visa online. Save money and organise your own visa online with Visa HQ or through your Vietnam honeymoon tour. If you are having a quick honeymoon in Vietnam (less than 15 days) you may be eligible for entry without a Visa. Check here to see your countries current Visa requirements for Vietnam.
We’d recommend organising your visa at least two weeks before your Vietnam honeymoon. Our Visa On Arrival invitation letter came within five business days, however some people we met travelling had to wait for up to three weeks. Most countries have the option of a 30-day or 90-day Visa as well as the option of either a single entry or multiple entries. However, this does vary from country to country. Americans can only get a one year visa which costs a lot more. I guess Vietnam still holds a bit of a grudge over that whole ‘war’ thing (totally understandable).

Get Your Vietnam Visa Here!

northern loop vietnam
Driving Vietnam’s Northern Loop!

Arriving Into Vietnam

Arriving into Vietnam by air

If you’re arriving into Vietnam by plane,  chances are you’re flying into either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city. These are the two main travel hubs for your Vietnam honeymoon tour. We use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights for our Vietnam honeymoon packages. Immigration is quite easy, just make sure that you have all your documents printed and ready with you in your carry on luggage.

Arriving into Vietnam by land

If you’re wondering how to reach Vietnam, you have fourteen options to cross into Vietnam by land. China, Laos and Cambodia are neighbouring countries of Vietnam with many land border crossings. Majority of land border crossings in Vietnam are fairly straightforward. Just make sure that you have your exit stamp from the country you came from, your visa approval letter printed and US dollars (cash only) for the Visa On Arrival fee.

Crossing into Vietnam – Things to know before you go!

  • Do not attempt to enter Vietnam without a visa or invitation letter as you will be denied entry.
  • Bring 2x passport sized photos with you for your visa on arrival. You will be overcharged for photos if you forget to bring them with you.
  • Make sure you have a full page free on your passport for your Vietnam visa.
  • Bring USD with you in cash, they charge more for your Visa on arrival if you pay with Vietnamese Dong or any other currency.
  • Print out your Visa approval letter, they may not let you on the plane or into the country. without a hard copy (digital copies won’t work).

    Vietnam honeymoon
    The beginning of our honeymoon in Vietnam

Getting Around Vietnam

Sleeper Buses In Vietnam

With one main highway from the North to the South, it is very easy to make your own way through the country, or just simply travel by bus in Vietnam. Sleeper buses are by far the most budget-friendly option to get around and see all your amazing Vietnam honeymoon destinations. Buses are extremely cheap in Vietnam and also surprisingly comfortable. Save on a night’s accommodation and take an overnight sleeping bus. This way you wake up at your Vietnam honeymoon destination, saving you both money and time.
Sleeper buses are a great option for newly weds who want to see the best honeymoon places in Vietnam! It’s crazy how fancy the sleeper buses are these days. We caught one bus that had an actual bed, air-conditioning, free food and WiFi for only $15. You honestly can’t get much better than that! Pre-book your tickets here with 12GO to reserve the best buses and seats available for your honeymoon in Vietnam.

Sleeper Trains In Vietnam

Trains are another great transport option for your honeymoon in Vietnam. The train from Hanoi to Sapa is breathtakingly beautiful, as it takes the scenic route through the mountains of Northern Vietnam. If you’re looking for a great way to get around Vietnam, with a little bit of local charm and marvelous scenery, then catch a train! Ensure to book your tickets in advance as trains tend to sell out quicker than buses. Book your train tickets here with 12GO Asia.

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transport in Vietnam
The best transport in Vietnam is for sure a motorbike!

Riding A Motorbike In Vietnam

If you’re looking for adventure on your Vietnam honeymoon, live life in the fast lane and explore Vietnam by motorbike! It was hands down one of the most amazing experiences of our life riding our motorbike ‘Betty’ from the border of China all the way down to the banks of the Mekong River by Ho Chi Minh.
Even if you don’t have time to buy a motorbike and drive from North to South, rent one when you have the chance! With a motorbike you have complete freedom to go, see and explore wherever you want on your Vietnam honeymoon. Even if you get lost like we did in Northern Vietnam, at least it makes for a good honeymoon story?
We paid $200 USD for our motorbike in Hanoi, and sold it to a backpacker for the same price down in Ho Chi Minh. So we pretty much travelled to all our Vietnam honeymoon places for free or next to nothing. Perhaps you’d rather take buses and trains, but want to explore each town on your own? You can rent a motorbike/scooter in most cities for just $4 USD a day. All you need is a driver’s license (it doesn’t matter if it’s for cars) and/or passport as your deposit. If you’re worried about police, you may want to invest in an international drivers license, however it’s not necessary. Just don’t skip out on travel insurance and wear your helmet, as the roads can be pretty sketchy in Vietnam.

Taxis In Vietnam

If you’re going to catch Taxi’s in Vietnam, make sure you get a metered taxi or agree on the price before getting in. Vietnamese taxi drivers have a bit of a reputation for ripping off unsuspecting tourists. To avoid getting ripped off follow these tips:

  • Agree on a price before getting in or take a metered Taxi.
  • Know the conversion rate from your currency to Vietnamese Dong.
  • Have small change for the driver.
  • Download Maps.me to track your movements and give directions.

Luckily Uber is now massive in Vietnam! Not only is Uber cheaper, but they usually drive really nice cars. We love Uber because you can’t get ripped off and don’t have to pay with cash. We’re giving you $5 USD off each of your first 4 Uber rides, just click this link!

Northern loop vietnam
We got lost and found this wicked place in Northern Vietnam

Money In Vietnam

Pay Close Attention To Your Dong

If you’re thinking about male private parts, get your head out the gutter. I’m talking about Vietnamese Dong; you know the local Vietnamese currency? 500,000 Dong, looks an awful lot like 50,000 Dong and 5,000 Dong as they’re all blue. The only difference is one that they’re all worth quite different amounts and 500,000 Dong has a slight beige stripe in the middle. I’ve made this mistake before and it sucks, so pay close attention to your Dong!
Although Vietnamese Dong is the local currency, USD is widely accepted in touristic areas. However we wouldn’t recommend paying in USD as you usually get a shitter exchange rate. Your best bet is to exchange your USD for VND, just make sure you know what the current exchange rate is to avoid getting ripped off.

Accommodation In Vietnam

There’s an abundance of Vietnam honeymoon resorts to choose from and loads of budget accommodation options too. Relax by the beach on your romantic honeymoon in Vietnam. Bring on married life at the best honeymoon resorts in Vietnam. Why not have your own cabin in the jungle or villa on the beach! If you’re looking for rustic local living at a budget price, try a local homestay.
No matter your honeymoon budget or preference, there will be accommodation that suits your Vietnam honeymoon just perfectly! Perhaps you’d prefer your own romantic hideaway? Definitely check out Air Bnb, there are some awesome properties, apartments, rooms, houses, resorts and condo’s all at affordable prices. Follow this link for $35 free credit on Airbnb and use this link for $20 off your next hotel with booking.com

couchsurfing vietnam
We couchsurfed with a local family for a night! Such a cool experience

Best Budget Honeymoon Hotels Under $50

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Best Honeymoon Destinations In Vietnam

Vietnam Honeymoon Itinerary

Vietnam Honeymoon Guide

Honeymoon In Vietnam


The city of Hanoi is so intriguing and has so much history, it’s nothing like we’ve ever experienced before. We aren’t generally big on cities, but Hanoi definitely won us over! Hanoi is actually insane, but Hanoi during peak hour is next level! We stayed a total of 3 weeks, over 3 occasions on our honeymoon in Vietnam. We would recommend staying at least 3 days to get the full experience that Hanoi has to offer. You will most likely visit Hanoi either at the start or end of your Vietnam honeymoon tour. Hanoi is the main transportation hub in the North of Vietnam. From here you can easily visit Sapa, Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island, Ninh Binh or conquer the Ha Giang loop.

Top Things To Do In Hanoi – Attractions

1. Bia Hoi Corner

Our favourite thing about Hanoi is Ta Hien Street’s 5,000 Dong Bia Hoi! Bia Hoi is fresh local beer that’s brewed daily. Ta Hien Street is one long road filled with people drinking on colourful kids chairs and trying to smoke the infamous bamboo bongs. It’s the party street of Hanoi and by 10pm you’ll struggle to walk down the street, let alone drive your motorbike through. Our favourite night in Hanoi Vietnam was here, sitting on tiny plastic stools and catching up with our friends from back home in Australia. We sat there for 3 hours drinking beers and it cost a total of $5 or something ridiculous like that!
You lose track of time drinking Bia Hoi, one minute it’s 6pm and the next minute the police show up out of nowhere. It’s the infamous Ta Hien street shutdown. Shop owners frantically pull their tables and chairs inside, even with you still sitting on it. Police will confiscate any tables or chairs they can grab and then leave… all within a space of 2 minutes. About 5 minutes later the tables and chairs are back out on the street and the party continues, it’s so random! 

Bia hoi ta hien street
Police shutdown on Ta Hien Street, where you find the best Bia Hoi!

2. Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake, also known as the ‘Lake of the Restored Sword’. According to the legend; once the Emperor defeated the Chinese from Hanoi, a giant, golden turtle grabbed the sword & disappeared into the lake to restore it to its rightful owners… It is a beautiful lake with many benches and places to sit and have a picnic.
You may have students approach you and ask questions while you’re around this area. Don’t be alarmed; these kids just want to practice their English with foreigners like you! It’s a nice place to relax while you’re checking out Hanoi’s Old Quarter on your Vietnam Honeymoon. Just watch your belongings though, Hoan Kiem Lake is notorious for bag snatching.

3. Water Puppet Theatre

The Water Puppet Theatre is one of the more popular honeymoon places in Vietnam. Not only is this a cute couples date night idea for Hanoi, but it’s also quite a cultural experience. The ancient art form of water puppetry has a long association with Hanoi, where you can watch this uniquely Vietnamese take on Asia’s puppet tradition. The Thanh Long Puppet Theatre is the best theatre in town, the puppets dance and slide elegantly over the liquid stage, controlled by a whole troupe of puppet masters hiding behind a screen. The shows also feature the famous Legend of the Restored Sword of King Le, which tells the tale of Hoan Kiem Lake and the giant tortoise. Tickets vary between 60,000-100,000 VND per person, click here for more information

Ha Lo Prision Hanoi
Ha Lo Prision Hanoi

4. Hoa Lo Prison Hanoi

The Hoa Lo Prison complex was built back in 1896, with the original purpose of only housing 450 inmates. However this ended up reaching about 2000 prisoners by the 1930’s. Hoa Lo Prison was built and used by the French to house Vietnamese revolutionaries during their struggle for independence. It was ironically nicknamed the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ by the US Prisoners Of War during the American War. It’s a very interesting Vietnam honeymoon location, however it’s important for foreigners who’re on their Vietnam honeymoon to learn about the local culture. It is well worth the trip to Hoa Lo Prison Hanoi!

5. Eat Bun Cha

Bun Cha is one Vietnamese dish you HAVE to try when you’re in Hanoi on your Vietnam honeymoon (if you eat meat). I must admit, it’s rather delicious and so damn cheap (40,000 VND a bowl). Bun Cha is a simple Vietnamese dish that combines fresh and savory with the harmony of meat and vegetables. The Bun Cha broth is sweet, yet sour, served with ‘bun’ rice noodles, bbq grilled pork and fresh greens consisting of fresh lettuce, basil, coriander, mint and banana flower.

hanoi bun cha
Hanoi’s famous Bun Cha & Bia Hoi

6. Cross the road in Hanoi peak hour traffic

The roads are different here in Vietnam; I like to call it organized chaos. Crossing the roads during Vietnamese rush hour is an experience in itself. If you plan on waiting for an empty space, you will legitimately be standing there all day.

  • Tips for crossing a road in Hanoi peak hour traffic
  • Use your hand to signal motorbikes to go or stop
  • Find a tribute: look for someone also crossing the road, stand next to them but away from oncoming traffic, follow their lead.
  • Look for a small gap in the road & take it, slowly shuffling across the road with each gap that appears.
egg coffee vietnam
Hanoi’s famous egg coffee

7. Drink Hanoi’s famous Egg Coffee – Café Trung

Vietnam is famous for their coffee and for a good reason! It’s definitely home to some of the most delicious coffee in the world. Instead of fresh milk, they use condensed milk, giving it a sweeter taste. Café is black coffee, Café Sua is coffee with sweet milk & Da is ice! Hanoi is famous for their egg coffee known as Café Trung, try it at one of the many coffee shops in Hanoi. My husband and I also loved the coconut coffee in Hanoi, it’s a great date idea for you and your lover in Hanoi.

8. Avoid Hanoi’s citywide curfew

In cities like Hanoi, citywide curfews are in place to prevent crime. This can totally backfire if you plan on spending the night out in town. At midnight in Hanoi, they roll down all the shutters and close up for the night. My friend came back right at midnight and couldn’t get into her hotel in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. She was stuck walking the streets of Hanoi, until a kind Vietnamese man called the hotel and showed her the back entrance to the hotel.

Where To Stay In Hanoi – Accommodation

If you’re wondering where to stay on your Vietnam honeymoon, it’s your lucky day because luxury comes at an affordable price! Check out the romantic, 5-star and one of the best honeymoon resorts in Vietnam, the Movenpick Hotel. It’s right in the heart of Hanoi and is simply perfect for your Vietnam Honeymoon. If you’re looking for a nice stay at a budget rate, then say hi to ‘handsome Dave’ at the Little Hanoi Diamond Hotel. We loved our stay here, it’s located right in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, has free breakfast and big, clean, spacious rooms! Use this link to save $20 off your next hotel on booking.com. Or perhaps you’re looking for your own romantic Vietnam honeymoon escape? Why not give Airbnb a go instead of Vietnam honeymoon resorts. They’re usually cheaper and if you follow this link, you get $35 free credit with Airbnb!

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Hanoi church
What a beautiful building!

How To Get Around Hanoi: Transport

Cyclo Tours Hanoi

If you want to explore the Old Quarter of Hanoi on your romantic Vietnam Honeymoon, why not do a Cyclo Tour? We love to walk everywhere, but it’s easy to get lost in the maze of streets and it gets pretty hot in Hanoi too. We’d recommend booking the tour directly with your Cyclo driver, this way all the money goes directly to him/her. It should cost around 150,000 VND for a one-hour Cyclo tour for two people. It’s a great date idea and one of the more romantic things to do in Vietnam on your honeymoon.

Taxis in Hanoi

Taxis in Hanoi may not necessarily be what you’re used to back home. There are metered taxis, however pretty much anyone in Hanoi can be a taxi driver, whether they have a car, scooter or motorbike. It’s not uncommon for people on motorbikes to offer you a lift or ‘taxi service’. However, this can be dangerous if you go with someone dodgy as they can rob you or rip you off or worse… You tend to pay more for transport in Hanoi at night, so keep that in mind too. Read our transport tips listed above before catching a taxi in Hanoi.

old quarter hanoi vietnam
Strolling through Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Have you noticed that Dylan doesn’t wear shoes?

Uber in Hanoi

We are big fans of Uber, as you can see a picture of the driver, their registration plate and rate how well they do their job. You’re tracked throughout the journey and don’t need to hand any cash over. It’s a great mode of transport in Hanoi, that’s safe and generally cheaper than taxis. We’re giving you $5 USD off each of your first 4 Uber rides, just click this link to redeem your offer.

Long Distant Transport

Hanoi is the main hub for all long distant transport around Vietnam. You have the option to either catch a long distance sleeper bus or train. Both are great options, which are cheap, reliable and safe for your Vietnam honeymoon. Book your Vietnam transport ahead of time with 12GO Asia.

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Honeymoon Vietnam


Sapa is a stunning town on the border of China, perched over a plunging valley with incredible views of cascading rice fields and the Fansipan mountain range. Sapa is high up in the mountains, as its the rooftop of Indochina. We totally weren’t prepared for the cold weather because let’s face it, pretty much everywhere in South East Asia is hot. It was one of the best Vietnam honeymoon places as we learnt about the ethnic minority groups, checked out the Tram Ton Passage, chased waterfalls and visited markets. If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Vietnam, Sapa is full of great date spot for your Vietnam honeymoon!

Top Things To Do In Sapa – Attractions

sapa vietnam
Just taking in the view!

Ethnic Minority Homestay or Day Trek

Majority of people who come here as part of their Vietnam honeymoon tours, come for a homestay or trek in an ethnic minority village. If you want to do a trek on your Vietnam honeymoon, we’d recommend booking it through a local you meet around town. This way you know that all the money is going directly to them, and no tour company or anyone is taking a cut out of it. Chances are you won’t have troubles finding someone offering a tour, they usually wait in town or out the front of tour offices in the morning. Plus it’s almost half the price compared to a tour company, $12 from a local or $20 if you book if with a company for a day trek. No matter what option you decide to go with, you will love an ethnic homestay as part of your Vietnam honeymoon tours!

Tram Ton Pass

The Tram Ton Pass is the road between Sapa and Lai Chau (the next northern town). It’s Vietnam’s highest mountain pass and the road is a segregation of two weather fronts. In Lai Chau it can be completely hot and sunny, whereas in Sapa it can be cold and rainy. It’s kind of ironic that Sapa is one of the coldest places and Lai Chau can be one of the warmest. The view along the Tram Ton Pass is utterly breathtaking (if it’s not foggy). Hire a motorbike from town ($4 a day) and explore the mountains on your Vietnam honeymoon. It’s definitely worth spending a couple days exploring around Sapa and you can even stop at the waterfalls along the way.

Fansipan Mountian Sapa

Fansipan Mountain is the highest peak in Indochina sitting at 3143m above sea level. You have a couple of options to get to the summit, via cable car or by trekking. Cable car seems like a far easier option, its 600,000 VND and takes you almost to the summit. We did a little research into the trek and it seems like a bloody hard, but very cool Vietnam honeymoon experience.

Chase Waterfalls

Sapa is lucky enough to have an abundance of waterfalls in the surrounding areas. If you’re hiring a motorbike for the day to do the Tram Ton Pass, then you’ll pass Silver waterfall (Thac Bac) along the way. Entry into silver waterfall is 20,000 VND and there’s a beautiful walking path and bridge around the waterfall. Surrounding businesses will tell you to park inside or out the front of their shop, just take note that they will charge you for parking. You can park for free on the side of the road just down from the waterfall. Love waterfall is also on the Tram Ton Pass and is a short walk from the main road. If you’re looking for Vietnam honeymoon ideas, take your lover to ‘Love Waterfall’!

Silver waterfall
Sapa’s Silver Waterfall

Where To Stay In Sapa – Honeymoon Accommodation

If you want relaxing, rustic vibes for your honeymoon accommodation in Sapa, then stay at the Tavan Ecologic Homestay. It’s definitely not the most luxurious honeymoon hotel in Sapa, but it’s in a fabulous location in the countryside overlooking the rice fields. To be honest, the whole town of Sapa is very commercialized, you’re far better off staying outside of town. They can organize your transport and tours from the homestay and have an in-house restaurant.

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How To Get To Sapa – Transport

You have so many transport options to get to Sapa on your Vietnam honeymoon. Most destinations around Northern Vietnam offer transport to Sapa. Lao Cai is the main town nearby, which has a border crossing into China and a train station with lines connecting to Hanoi. It’s only 50,000 VND to get from Lao Cai to Sapa by minivan and they leave pretty consistently (every 30 minutes) from 7am-7pm. You can pre-book your bus and train for your Vietnam honeymoon here with 12GO Asia.

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Honeymoon In Vietnam

Ha Giang and Vietnam’s Northern Loop

Ha Giang is Vietnam’s northernmost province, neighbouring China. If you’re looking for Vietnam honeymoon ideas that are off the typical honeymoon path, the beautiful and mythical landscapes of the northern loop is like nothing you’ve ever witnessed! Picture cascading rice terraces falling into the depths of mountainous valleys below. You’re surrounded by ethnic minority villages and untouched, pure nature, in the wildest of honeymoon locations in Vietnam.
There are so many reasons to honeymoon in Vietnam, so why not have an adventurous Vietnam honeymoon and do the northern loop! This jaw-dropping region is scattered with limestone peaks, deep valleys and some of the friendliest people in the country. If you’re not rushed on time, then we definitely recommend taking it slow and venturing off the main roads to discover secret ethnic minority villages. Ha Giang and the northern loop is home to some of the most beautiful, pure parts of Vietnam. If you’re looking for Vietnam honeymoon ideas, this should be at the top!

About Ha Giang

Forget about Vietnam honeymoon tours, you can do it all by yourself here in Ha Giang! This small town has generated a decent amount of tourism in the recent years. There are many accommodation and food options nowadays, however, it isn’t overcrowded or super commercialised like Sapa… yet! It may not be your typical Vietnam honeymoon destination, but it is full of beauty and adventure.
To drive the breathtaking northern loop in Vietnam, you must have a travel permit. This is exceptionally easy to get from either your hotel/guest house (for a small additional fee) or, the Ha Giang Immigration office. This will cost between 200,000-300,000 VND.

Sapa vietnam
Not a bad place to stop for a beer!

How To Get To Ha Giang- Transport

To get to Ha Giang by public transport, you need to catch a bus or train to Lao Cai. Pre-book your tickets to avoid disappointment here with 12GO Asia. From Lao Cai Station there are two small buses that leave for Ha Giang station, at 6 am and 12 pm daily. The journey takes around 5-6 hours to arrive in Ha Giang, as the roads between the two towns are very treacherous. The bus costs 120,000 VND per person. If you’re coming from Hanoi, we’d recommend putting your motorbike on the train to Lao Cai and riding your motorbike from there to Ha Giang.

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Where To Stay In Ha Giang – Accommodation

If you want to be surrounded by nature with your lover on your romantic Vietnam honeymoon, stay at the Ecolodge Pan Hou Village. They offer an airport shuttle so you don’t have to organise your own transport to get to Ha Giang. The best honeymoon resorts in Vietnam may not necessarily be the most expensive. Here at the Ecolodge Pan Hou Village, they have spa facilities and hot baths with amazing views of the surrounding mountains. It’s a really romantic and peaceful Vietnam honeymoon hotel that you and your partner will love! They can even book northern loop (if you want to see it but don’t feel like riding) and trekking tours.

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Vietnam motorbike
Driving Vietnam’s breathtaking Northern Loop

Where To Go On Vietnam’s Northern Loop – Ha Giang

1. Ha Giang to Yen Minh

The town of Ha Giang has nothing too exciting to offer, besides from the fact that you need to stop here to get your permit for the Ha Giang Province. It’s such a breathtaking ride from Ha Giang to Yen Minh with many viewpoints like ‘Fairy Bosom’ along the way. Stop into Tam Son for lunch, and check out the Lung Khuy Cave (it’s a quick 5km detour). Couples on their Vietnam honeymoon will love the comforts of the Tiamo Hotel in Yen Minh for their accommodation.

2. Bac Ha to Dong Van

This is without a doubt the most utterly breathtaking part of Vietnam’s northern loop. It’s a must see Vietnam honeymoon destination for couples who like to explore off the beaten path. Rolling mountainous hills surround you; with cascading rice terraces as far as the eye can see! Karst limestone formations dominate the landscape, popping up everywhere along the road. You’ll stumble upon the actual Chinese border in Lung Cu with a spectacular view of China and it’s unfinished flag tower. Try to be in Dong Van on the weekend as they have one of the best Sunday markets in Asia! Stay the night at the Lam Tung Hotel in town for your Vietnam honeymoon accommodation.

vietnam motorbike adventure
Quick pitstop on our Vietnam honeymoon adventure

3. Dong Van to Meo Vac

Ride 22km along the windy roads of the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Hold on, as you zoom around corners clinging to the cliff, with giant limestone mountains surrounding you, and the surrounding Nho Que River valley. Stop into Meo Vac for a quick visit on your romantic Vietnam honeymoon. There is so much to see in this tiny town, with breathtaking nature everywhere you look! Throughout the town of Meo Vac you’ll have plenty of food, and accommodation options, like Mr Hung’s quaint little guesthouse.

4. Meo Vac onwards to Cao Bang

You have so many alternative ways to finish Vietnam’s northern loop. Head out west towards the Mau Due crossroads, then north towards to Yen Minh and back to Ha Giang. You could also go south towards Du Gia for a night before heading back to Ha Giang. Alternately, you can keep heading east towards Bao Lac and onto Cao Bang, which is part of the north-eastern Vietnam loop. We chose to keep adventuring on to see the breathtaking Ban Gioc Waterfall that separates Vietnam from China. The Ban Gioc waterfall is utterly breathtaking and is a romantic Vietnam honeymoon destination that isn’t crowded with people. From here we continued on down to Hai Phong and over to the most romantic honeymoon destination in Vietnam, known as Cat Ba Island.

Top Things To See On The Northern Loop – Attractions

  • Dong Van Sunday Market
  • Lung Cu Flag Tower
  • Lung Khuy Cave
  • Ban Gioc Waterfall
 Ban Gioc waterfall
Vietnam beautiful Ban Gioc waterfall

Vietnam Honeymoon

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island is the largest island around Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Half of Cat Ba Island is covered by a national park, home to some incredible hikes, viewpoints and the critically endangered Cat Ba Langur. Cat Ba island is definitely a romantic honeymoon destination, this rugged yet tranquil island has some of Vietnam’s nicest beach and best views. Not to mention you can find a Ha Long Bay cruise option for only $16! The main area of town is quite touristy, but in reality, it is a very small, relaxing community surrounded by pure Vietnamese, natural beauties.

How To Get To Cat Ba Island – Transport

Bus From Hanoi

A bus is the quickest and easiest way to get to Haiphong from Hanoi. Buses leave Hanoi on a regular basis and take around 1.5-2 hours to get to Hai Phong. Tickets are about 150,000 VND per person and you can pre-book your tickets online with 12GO Asia. From Haiphong you catch a ferry over to Cat Ba Island.

Ferry From Haiphong To Cat Ba Island

The ferry prices vary, depending on the company and how quickly you’d like to get there. The first place tried to charge us 750,000 VND for two people and our motorbike. Thankfully we already knew the actual cost of the ferry and didn’t get ripped off. There are three express ferry operators all located next to each other to compare prices. We paid 240,000 VND for an express ferry to Cat Ba Island for both our motorbike and us. Express ferry tickets should cost 100,000 VND per person.

Budget Transport Option

On the way back to Haiphong from Cat Ba Island, we caught the public ferry with the locals. This ferry allows buses, cars and motorbikes on board. It was such an epic experience catching this public ferry with the locals. They thought we were the strangest people ever! This option only set us back 60,000 VND in total however, it did take 3 hours to get to Hai Phong. The slow ferries run every hour, they stop at Cat Hai island where you drive 7km to the next ferry port and then catch the final ferry onto Haiphong. This is a great Vietnam budget option for couples that aren’t rushed for time and are honeymooning on shoestring.

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Top Things To Do – Cat Ba Island Attractions

1.Relax By The Beach

Cat Ba island is home to some of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches which are ideal Vietnam honeymoon hotspots. Cat Co Cave 1, 2 and 3 are the closest beaches to Cat Ba town with incredible views of Lan Ha Bay. There is a gorgeous walking trail from Cat Co 1 to Cat Co 2 over the rugged cliffs with breathtaking views. Spend the day out on the water on your Vietnam honeymoon, the beaches offer plenty of water activities like kayaks and paddle boards. They’ve got some wicked beach bars at the Cat Ba Vietnam honeymoon resorts, and the drinks are actually reasonably priced. It’s nice to have a chilled day swimming and sun-baking, with a couple of drinks overlooking the beach and breathtaking bays. This is one of the more popular honeymoon places in Vietnam, as you get to relax by a beautiful beach!

Cat Ba Island Vietnam Beach
Cat Ba Island is home to some of the best beaches in Vietnam

2. Cruise Halong Bay & Lan Ha Bay

If you’re coming to Cat Ba Island, then it’s pretty much guaranteed you’re going to do a Ha Long Bay cruise. Cat Ba island has the cheapest Ha Long Bay cruises because it’s located so close to the bays. We paid $16 USD each, for a one-day cruise through Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. It included pretty much everything except alcohol. Lunch was a buffet with delicious local food that they cook off the back of the boat. You cruise through the bays, stopping off at the floating fishing village, Monkey Island and you can even kayak through caves.
The price of doing an overnight cruise is expensive! It was about $70 for an overnight cruise, opposed to $16 for a day Ha Long Bay Cruise. If you want to do a long multiple day cruise, you’re better off going from Ha Long city where there’s a bunch of tourists doing the same thing. Book your cruise from one of the many travel agents in town, and make sure they include a dry bags for your valuables.

3. Rent A Motorbike & Explore Cat Ba Island

If you want to really explore Cat Ba Island at your own pace, without a tour guide planning your every move, then hire a motorbike for the day! It’s one of the top things to do on Cat Ba Island, you can see pretty much everything in only a day and motorbike rental is cheap ($4USD ). You can explore Cat Ba National Park, Cannon Fort, Hospital Cave & Trung Trang Cave all at your own leisure on your Vietnam honeymoon by the beach.

4. Cat Ba National Park

Almost half of Cat Ba Island is a national park, which is home to many animals including the endangered Cat Ba Langur. It’s recommended to get a guide and take a tour through the national park however, it’s totally not necessary. Entrance to Cat Ba National Park is 40,000 VND. The trails are all marked and they have a map at the entrance of the park. There’s a beautiful 3km route up to the summit of one of the mountains overlooking the whole national park! We even managed to spot a glimpse of a macaque without having a guide! This is a great Vietnam honeymoon idea for couples who love adventure and the outdoors.

5. Fort Cannon

Fort Cannon has one of the best views on Cat Ba Island overlooking the incredible National Park and Lan Ha Bay. Entrance into Fort Cannon is 40,000 VND, inside is a bit of a maze and we got lost about 100 times. You would probably want to ride a motorbike here unless you love walking against massive long steep hills. There are a couple of breathtaking viewing platforms throughout Fort Cannon however, it’s also full of history and is very intriguing. You can walk through tiny tunnels/forts used by the Vietnamese to hide during the war next to large cannons/guns. This is a great couples date idea for your honeymoon in Vietnam.

6. Explore Caves

Hospital Cave is the most popular and for a good reason. It’s an old bombproof hospital used during the Vietnam War, which was also a safe house for communist diplomats. The infrastructure is really impressive, it’s massive and was built really well. Entrance is only 15,000 VND and if you get a guide they’ll show you around and teach you some history. Tung Trang Cave is another cave on Cat Ba Island that you can explore on your Vietnam honeymoon. It’s typically closed however, you can still visit it if you simply walk around the gate. Make sure you take your own torch/flashlight, as there’s no lighting inside. It’s pretty cool to explore a cave where there’s no other person around. There’s a beautiful opening with an awesome view overlooking the island, however, the cave inside is nothing amazing.

cat ba island vietnam honeymoon
Honeymoon in Vietnam on the beach

7. Deep Water Solo Rock Climbing

It’s no wonder that Cat Ba Island is adventure goers playground. It’s surrounded by karst limestone formations that are just aching to be climbed! The staff running the tours are all very well educated and are fully up to date on safety procedure and climbing techniques. We spent the majority of our time around hidden valley crag, which has various routes ranging in difficulty. Have an adventurous Vietnam honeymoon and go rock-climbing with your partner in crime, it’s so much fun!

Where To Stay On Cat Ba Island – Accommodation

Wondering where to stay on your romantic Vietnam honeymoon on Cat Ba Island? Stay right on the beach at beautiful Cat Co 2 beach at the Cat Ba Sunrise Resort. With the best location on the island for your Vietnam honeymoon and free breakfast with ocean views, it is hard to beat! We think it’s one of the most beautiful Vietnam honeymoon resorts. If you’re on a budget honeymoon, we recommend staying at LePont Bungalows. Now it’s not directly on the beach, but it does have incredible views and a perfect outlook for sunset! No matter where you decide to stay on your Cat Ba Island honeymoon, we can potentially help save some money, this link gives you $20 off your next booking with booking.com. Or perhaps you could try Airbnb on your romantic Cat ba Island, Vietnam honeymoon. Follow this link for $35 free credit with Airbnb.

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Vietnam Honeymoon

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is one of the honeymoon places in Vietnam that’s often missed by couples however, it’s home to breathtakingly beautiful natural sights. If you’re looking for a natural but romantic destination in Vietnam, you will love Ninh Binh. The actual town of Ninh Binh isn’t pretty at all, however, you don’t have to go far to see the charming rice fields, rivers and jagged rock formations. You can explore caves, rivers, temples or just drive through the beautifully scenic landscape with limestone staggered mountains. There are so many incredible honeymoon places to see here in Ninh Binh Vietnam on your Vietnam honeymoon travels.

trang an vietnam
Honeymoon and nature hotspot Trang An

Top Things To Do In Ninh Binh Vietnam – Attractions

1. Trang An Grottos

Trang An was one of our favourite experiences on our Vietnam honeymoon tour. We were quite taken back with how touristy it was, however we opted to do it in the afternoon, so there were hardly any other people around. A local lady paddles the boat (like a champion) through the grottos and rivers. It’s such a romantic honeymoon experience for couples travelling Vietnam.
As we approached the first cave the lady forced us to put on life jackets, we soon realised why when we had to literally put our heads between our legs when going through the cave. It was so small that we would have hit our heads… Now I get why we had to wear life jackets! At one point we literally had to lay down flat on the boat to get through one section of the caves. If you’re super claustrophobic then this tour is definitely not for you. Throughout the ride, we stopped off at temples and fed some large beautiful fish. All up the tour was around 2 hours and set us back 150,000 VND each.

2. Tam Coc

With limestone outcrops amid serene rice paddies, Tam Coc is best appreciated on a boat, or simply you could cycle along the riverside and take in the natural surroundings. If you are trying to decide between Trang An and Tam Coc we would have to recommend Trang An. Now, Tam Coc is beautiful and we had a great time cycling around by the riverside and through the cute town checking out the temples and what else was around. Unfortunately, Tam Coc boat ride has become quite infamous for scams and people overcharging you for everything… Plus we don’t think Tam Coc was as beautiful as Trang An at all!

3. Cuc Phuong National Park

Vietnam’s largest nature reserve is home to many endangered animals. The park is so peaceful, beautiful and tranquil plus it has some awesome hikes for your Vietnam honeymoon. You’ll 100% need a motorbike to explore the park because it’s absolutely massive! It’s peaceful being totally surrounded by nature, animals, rivers and incredible limestone mountains. We did a 3-hour hike up and down mountains, exploring caves and stopping at the 1000-year-old tree, deep in Cuc Phuong National Park. We visited the pre-historic cave, had a picnic on the water and slept in a tree house near the park entrance for only 200,000 VND a night. Honestly, we loved our time here and would recommend it to other couples looking for Vietnam honeymoon ideas.

Cuc Phuong National Park
Explore Cuc Phuong National Park

How To Get To Ninh Binh – Transport

It’s super easy to get to Ninh Binh from other Vietnam honeymoon places. You have the option to take either a train, bus, taxi or ride your motorbike. Ninh Binh is just 2-2.5 hours south of Hanoi on the border of central Vietnam. Depending on the class, you can get a train ticket between 70,000-150,000 VND and buses are about the same price (80,000-150,000 VND). Taxis are rather expensive and not ideal for budget Vietnam honeymoons, but you do have the option if you’re willing to pay $50-70 USD. Pre-book your transport to reserve a good seat, with 12GO Asia.

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Where To Stay In Ninh Binh – Accommodation

Buffalo Eco Garden is a lovely budget homestay run by a sweet local family in Ninh Binh. Located near Trang An grottos, the area is just beautiful and ideal for couples on their honeymoon in Vietnam. No matter where you decide to spend your Ninh Binh honeymoon, we can potentially help save money with this link, giving you $20 off your next hotel on booking.com. Or perhaps you could give Airbnb ago on your romantic Ninh Binh Vietnam honeymoon. Follow this link for $35 free credit with Airbnb.

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Vietnam Honeymoon

Phong Nha

Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park, is surrounded by jungle and incredible limestone cliffs. It’s home to not only the oldest karst mountains in Asia but also the largest cave in the world- Hang Son Doong. There are natural mud baths inside Dark Cave where you can relax and float away following all that wedding stress. You have everything at your disposal, wildlife, hikes, flying fox, zip lining, kayaking, farm stays, lookouts and an abundance of caves. Its no wonder Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the best Vietnam honeymoon destinations.
If you can drive a motorbike or scooter, we’d 100% recommend renting one to explore the beautiful surroundings of Phong Nha. You can rent one for $4 a day to visit the caves and national park with your lover on your romantic Vietnam honeymoon. If you can’t ride a bike and want to avoid the dreadful commercialised tours, then take an Easy Rider. You get the full motorbike experience without having to drive, enabling you to take in the breathtaking scenery of the National Park.

Top Things To Do In Phong Nha – Attractions

Phong Nha Dark Cave
Ready to zipline into Phong Nha’s Dark Cave

Dark Cave

If you’re looking for fun, excitement and adventure on your Vietnam honeymoon, then you’ll totally dig Dark cave. Entrance costs 250,000VND in low season and 450,000VND in peak season. The motorbike drive through the national park is incredible and takes you about 30-40minutes. To get to the cave you can either swim, kayak or zip line. From there you swim into the entrance of the cave before walking through the water to the deep, slippery, mud hill. Finally, you come to the mud baths! You can literally float! Float away all that wedding stress and welcome married life with the right attitude. Your body is so buoyant in the mud, making it such a wicked honeymoon tour and experience to share with your lover.
To get back down the steep hill you slide down on your bum like a slippery dip into the water. You can chill out on the deck, swim around and try out the flying fox. Our favourite thing about the tour is the free bottle of rum at the end; they even have some live entertainment and music. Don’t ask how this even happened, but for some reason we got up in front of about fifty people and sang Aussie classic, ‘Waltzing Matilda’. Learn from our mistake, just drink the damn rum and leave the music up to the professionals.

Paradise Cave

Paradise cave in Phong Nha is quite a drive from town, (about 50 minutes on a motorbike) but the drive is amazing! From the entrance, you can opt to walk for 3-4km to the cave entrance or pay extra to get a buggy. Even if you get a buggy you still have to walk 500m up steep walkways to the cave. We decided to do it in the late afternoon just before closing, as other travellers were complaining about how many people were there and how touristy was. The cave was literally empty and we had it all to ourselves!
It’s absolutely massive and beautiful, no wonder it’s such a popular Vietnam honeymoon destination! So many beautiful stalagmites, stalactites, limestone formations, little cascading, clear blue rock pools and different coloured rocks. It was raining when we left and we didn’t want to get wet walking back, so we paid a dude 15,000 Dong each and he drove us. Just be careful driving back to town at night, as there are heaps of cows and buffalos loitering around the roads.

dark cave phong nha
Floating in mud in Dark Cave

Wild Boar Eco Lodge

The experience at the Wild Boar Eco Lodge is like no other you will experience on your Vietnam honeymoon. It’s the definition of farm-to-plate because everything is prepared fresh. You have the option to stay here or just visit for lunch or dinner. The road to Wild Boar is pretty sketchy at times as you go through mud, water and over nothing but a plank of wood at one point. A beautiful family runs it on their property where they also have a  farm with free-range animals. Your food does take a while (about 45min), but it’s a given when they slaughter the animal right in front of your eyes (if you choose the meat option).
If you’re feeling really brave you can chop the chickens neck yourself. As they’re preparing your food you can swim in tubes down the river or hang out on the hammocks with a wicked view. The food was absolutely delicious and if you’re not into meat they have vegetarian options too.

Hammock chills at the Wild Boar Ecofarm 🍃

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Where To Stay In Phong Nha – Accommodation

If you’re after a decent night sleep and a Vietnam honeymoon hotel with a pool, stay at Heritage by night. They offer cheap motorbike rental (100 VND per day), have an epic free breakfast and comfy beds. No matter where you decide to spend your Phong Nha Vietnam honeymoon we can help save some money, just click this link to save $20 off your next hotel on booking.com. Perhaps you could give Airbnb ago on your romantic Phong Nha honeymoon in Vietnam. Follow this link for $35 free credit with Airbnb.

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Honeymoon In Vietnam


Hue is a beautiful small town, rich in royal history. It’s a nice place to stop off on your Vietnam honeymoon just for a couple of days. Adventurous couples looking for Vietnam honeymoon ideas will love that you can drive the incredible Hai Van Pass from Hue. It’s such a spectacular mountainous drive through the Hai Van Pass onwards to Da Nang and Hoi An!
Hue has a gorgeous blend of old and new, with the sleek modern Vietnam honeymoon hotels like the Indochine Palace, towering over the crumbling 100-year-old citadel! The city of Hue is a great place to break up the trip between Hanoi and Hoi An and has a little something for all honeymooners.

Top Things To Do In Hue – Attractions

water park hue
Hue’s abandoned water park

Imperial Citadel

The Imperial Citadel is surrounded by a moat, where emperors ruled the country back in 1805 until as recent as 1945. There’s nothing like a bit of history for your Vietnam honeymoon, you’ll find several gates leading inside to the Imperial Enclosure. The Imperial enclosure is special as it’s a citadel within a citadel with another set of walls and a moat… This is the Purple Forbidden City, where the Emperor and his family would live. Unfortunately, a lot of the Imperial Citadel was destroyed during the Vietnam War, however but it is slowly being restored. Entrance is 100,000VND and it’s not too far from the central city of Hue.

Abandoned Waterpark

If you want to explore off the beaten path on your romantic honeymoon in Vietnam, check out the abandoned water park. It’s known to the locals as Ho Thuy Tie and is located just 8km beyond the city. It’s one of the more edgy honeymoon places in Vietnam, with a kind of eery feel to it. This overgrown, creepy, hidden waterpark has old, cracked water slides you can walk on. Follow the spiral staircase leading up to the top of the Dragons mouth, it overlooks the lake and surrounding areas.

Where To Stay In Hue – Accommodation

Treat yourself to luxury at the Indochine Palace or keep it casual with budget accommodation in Hue at the Cherish Hotel. Check here for more Hue honeymoon hotels and use this link for $20 off your next hotel booking with booking.com! If you’re over the hotel scene, why not give AirBnb a go? There are some awesome Vietnam honeymoon accommodation options available. Just click here for $35 free credit with AirBnb.

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hue waterpark
Exploring the creepy abandoned waterpark

How To Get To Hue – Transport

You have the option to either catch a train or take a bus to Hue on your Vietnam honeymoon. If you’re travelling a long distance to get to Hue, we’d recommend getting an overnight sleeper bus or train. This way you don’t have to waste a day travelling and save on a night’s accommodation. Check the train and bus schedules here with 12GO and pre-book your tickets ahead of time!

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Honeymoon In Vietnam

Hai Van Pass

This mountainous yet coastal 21km pass goes along the coastline through the Annamite Mountain Range from Hue through to Da Nang. This stretch of road; dubbed the “Top Gear Experience” is arguably the best road in Vietnam. Have an adventurous Vietnam honeymoon with your lover and take on the Hai Van Pass. The drive from Hue to the beginning of the Hai Van Pass takes about twenty minutes. When you hit the hills and lakes entering Lang Co, you will be greeted with ocean on one side and a giant lake on the other side of you.
‘Hai Van’ translates to ‘ocean cloud’, as the road tends to group a large number of clouds, especially as you climb the mountains creating a lot of fog. Be sure to drive with caution, especially with big trucks on the road, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Make sure you wear your helmet, trust us, accidents do happen! After about 3 hours of awe-inspiring views, you will start to make your way down the mountain and into Da Nang where the Hai Van Pass finishes.

hai van pass
The beautiful Hai Van pass

How To Ride The Hai Van Pass – Vietnam

Easy rider

If you’re not the most confident motorbike or scooter driver, then take an Easy Rider on the Hai Van Pass. This is probably the safest way to do the Hai Van Pass! An experienced Vietnamese driver, who knows the roads and drives it daily, is a safe bet. You can get an Easy Rider from Da Nang to Hue and vice versa for only $20 USD per person.

Rent a motorbike

If you’re confident on a motorbike and want to give the Hai Van Pass a crack on your Vietnam honeymoon, rent a motorbike. There are so many places in Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An where you can rent a motorbike and drop it off in the next town. Wherever you rent your motorbike from, make sure that they take your bags on the bus to your next location. It should cost between $10-15 for a one-way motorbike rental from Hue to Da Nang or Hoi An.

Hai van pass vietnam
Driving the breathtaking Hai Van Pass (photos don’t do it justice)

Local Train


Feeling a real authentic Vietnam experience on your honeymoon in Vietnam? Catch the local, modern train through the Hai Van Pass. It’s without a doubt the cheapest way to see the Hai Van Pass on your Vietnam honeymoon. The train fare is only 10,000 VND for economy seats on the train from Da Nang to Lang Co, the first stop after the Hai Van Pass. To get to Hue is only 25,000 VND, it’s such a great budget Vietnam honeymoon idea!


It’s not possible to do the Hai Van Pass on the bus. They skip this road and go through the tunnel, opposed to the narrow winding roads that cling to the edges of cliffs. Motorbikes cannot go through the tunnel like cars and buses, so they will have to take the Hai Van Pass, Vietnam.

Hai Van pass
En route to Danang through the Hai Van Pass

Honeymoon In Vietnam


DanaNg is the coastal city of Central Vietnam, which was historically used as a French colonial port. Nowadays it’s often used as a stop off, either before, or after driving the Hai Van Pass. Danang is known for its beautiful beaches, Bà Nà hills, Marble Mountain, Da Nang Bay, Temples and Pagodas. It’s a romantic Vietnam honeymoon destination where you can honeymoon at the beach.

Top Things To Do In DaNang – Attractions

Marble Mountain

Ngu Hanh Son or “Five Elements Mountains” are a cluster of marble and limestone hills. Inside is pure magic with caves, tunnels and Buddha Shrines scattered around the mystical mountain. According to the ancient legend, a dragon emerged from the sea and laid an egg on the beach. 1000 days and nights later, a beautiful lady was born and the remains of the eggshells grew into Marble Mountain. It’s one of the Vietnam honeymoon places that has incredible views overlooking Da Nang city and the beach. Entry is 200,000 VND and is quite a walk up the hill, but well worth the view. You can take a lift up if you’re feeling lazy and want to pay 60,000 VND.

danang beach
Fun in the sun at the beach in Danang

Non Nuoc Beach

If like us, you were hoping to get a wave or two whilst travelling Vietnam, this is the beach for it! Unfortunately, the waves weren’t cooperating with us while we stayed in Danang for two days, on our Vietnam honeymoon. Despite it being un-surfable, it’s still a beautiful beach with fun waves to play in. So why not get salt in your hair and sun on your skin, with a beach honeymoon here in Danang Vietnam.

Son Tra Peninsula

If you’re up for a half day adventure on your motorbike, you should check out the pristine, untouched beaches, with gorgeous viewpoints, beautiful nature and wildlife on the Son Tra Peninsula. This stunning rainforest stretches 4,000 hectares, all the way to the sea from Da Nang. It’s a beautiful place to explore and one of the best things to do on your Vietnam honeymoon.

danang vietnam
How cool are these statues?

How To Get To DaNang?


DaNang is a big city, so it’s no wonder that there are always buses going to and from DaNang. There are two main bus stations in DaNang: Sở Giao Thông Vận Tải and DaNang Bus Station/Center. You can pre-book your tickets online here to avoid disappointment and save the best seat!


To get to DaNang from Hoi An, you can take a private car or taxi. It’s fairly cheap if you spilt it between another couple at $15 a car.


Catch a train to DaNang and avoid the crazy roads on your Vietnam honeymoon. The views are amazing and you can even take a train through the Hai Van Pass on your way from DaNang to Hue.

marble mountain danang
An incredible view of Danang from marble mountain


Da Nang is home to a fairly popular airport, with many domestic flights running daily. You can find super cheap flights with Viet Jet for only $30 USD. We never flew domestically in Vietnam, but if you’re on a time limit, it would definitely come in handy catching domestic flights.

Motorbike Via The Hai Van Pass

Majority of travellers, who come to DaNang usually stop in after riding the Hai Van Pass. There are tons of motorbike places in town that offer one-way rentals to Hue to drive the Hai Van Pass. You also have the option to do a one-way rental to Hoi An

Where To Stay In Danang – Accommodation

Forget Vietnam honeymoon resorts and go for honeymoon hotels like the Royal Huy honeymoon hotel in DaNang. There’s a range of honeymoon accommodation options to suit every budget, from luxury to economy. No matter where you decide to stay on your honeymoon in DaNang, use this link to save $20 off your next hotel on booking.com. If not, give AirBnb ago in DaNang Vietnam. Follow this link for $35 free credit with Airbnb.

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Vietnam Honeymoon

Hoi An

Hoi An is a beautiful ancient city by the sea that’s rich in culture and history. Hoi An is one of the best honeymoon places in Vietnam and one of our personal favourites. This lantern lit city is full of charm in the evening, go down to the riverbank in Hoi An Old Town and stroll along the cobblestone streets. Hoi An is famous for its tailor-made clothing and handmade leather products. You may leave this Vietnam honeymoon destination with a whole new wardrobe!

hoi an vietnam
The charming Old City of Hoi An

Top Things To Do In Hoi An – Attractions

Explore Hoi An’s Old City

The Old City of Hoi An is a wonderful, UNESCO Heritage listed site. This captivating small city is full of history! It’s a unique place to wander around by either foot or bicycle, both during the day and at night. At night the old city is just breathtaking, with colourful lanterns scattered everywhere.While you’re walking around the Old City, check out Hoi An’s Japanese Covered Bridge from the 16thCentury. Why not grab some fruit from the local waterfront market and have a picnic by the river on your Vietnam honeymoon in Hoi An.

An Bang Beach Hoi An

If you don’t have a motorbike then you should rent a bicycle, and make your way out to An Bang Beach! We chose to stay by the beach for half our time in Hoi An and stay in the Old City for the other.
This was definitely the most enjoyable, beautiful and peaceful beach around Hoi An! You can get food and drinks delivered to you on the beach, while you work on your tan! An Bang Beach is perfect for couples that want to relax in a romantic spot on their Vietnam honeymoon.

Hoi An An Bang Beach
Hoi An’s lovely An Bang Beach

Bonfire On The Beach

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Hoi An, on your Vietnam honeymoon, why not have a bonfire on the beach? Under The Coconut Tree is located right in front of the beach, they will build and clean up your fire for you. There is nothing better than having a beach bonfire with your lover, roasting marshmallows, having a glass of wine and listening to the waves crashing on the shore. A bonfire on the beach is one of the most romantic things to do on in Hoi An on your Vietnam honeymoon.

Enjoy The Best Pizza In Hoi An

If you’re looking to splurge on western food for your honeymoon in Vietnam, make sure it’s at Dirftwood Café. The actual café is located 100m back from An Bang beach but you can order pizza, Vietnamese food and drinks from the blue chairs on the beach. Not only is it reasonably priced, but also the food is so damn delicious.

Tailor Made Clothes & Leather Products In Hoi An

Hoi An is renowned for its cheap tailor-made clothes. There are so many awesome Tailors all over town, that can sort you out with high quality, handmade clothing. I had a couple of dresses made at A Dong Silk, which turned out spectacularly! You’ll also find some beautiful handmade leather products, as it’s one of the few places around where you can get buffalo skin. My friend got a large buffalo skin backpack custom made for just $50 USD. Just make sure you place your order 2-3 days before you’d like to pick up your goods.

Indulge In Hoi An’s Famous Cao Lau Noodles

Hoi An has so much delectable Vietnamese food, it’s hard not to try everything! One dish you have to try when you visit Hoi An is Cao Lau. Hoi An and Quang Nam province is the only place to eat authentic Cao Lau noodles. They’re prepared with water drawn from ancient Cham wells around this region, making this dish very unique! Cao Lau is the pride and joy for locals here in Hoi An, a must try Vietnamese dish for couples on their Vietnam honeymoon.

hoi an travel
There is history around every corner in Hoi An’s old city

Where To Stay In Hoi An – Accommodation

Looking for luxury on your Vietnam honeymoon? Stay at one of the best Vietnam honeymoon resorts, Koi Resort and Spa in Hoi An. It’s absolute luxury at the Koi Resort and Spa, with so many romantic things to do on your honeymoon in Vietnam. Perhaps you’d rather stay by the beach? To be up close and personal to the salty goodness be sure to stay at Under The Coconut Tree for your Vietnam honeymoon. We loved that it’s located right next to the beach, they will build you a bonfire and it even has an on-site restaurant.
The Hai Yen Hotel is the best budget accommodation for your Vietnam honeymoon in Hoi An. Use this link to save $20 off your next hotel on booking.com. Or perhaps you are looking for your own romantic Vietnam honeymoon escape? Why not give Airbnb a go instead of Vietnam honeymoon resorts. They’re usually cheaper and if you follow this link, you get $35 free credit with Airbnb!

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How To Get To Hoi An – Transport

You have all the options in the world for transport in Hoi An. Catch an overnight sleeper bus or Train to Hoi An for your budget Vietnam honeymoon. Perhaps you’re more adventurous and want to ride your motorbike or scooter. Over catching long-distance transport? Why not take a domestic flight from Da Nang Airport. Wondering the best way to get around Hoi An? Taxis are an option, but Uber is an even better one. We’re giving you $5 USD off each of your first 4 Uber rides, just click this link to redeem your offer. Pre-book your transport to Hoi An here with 12GO Asia.

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hoi an night
Hoi An lit up at night

Vietnam Honeymoon

Nha Trang

We’ll be honest; Nha Trang was probably our least favourite honeymoon destination in Vietnam. The beach is nice, just nothing amazing. We’re not big fans of super touristy places and that’s exactly what Nha Trang is. Nha Trang or as we like to call it ‘Little Russia’ was filled with unfriendly, non-smiling Russian tourists who oddly enough sunbathe with their legs spread. Nha Trang has the potential to be a great Vietnam honeymoon destination, just get out and explore the surrounding attractions or stay in your luxury Vietnam honeymoon resort!

Top Things To Do In Nha Trang – Attractions

Vinpearl Island

This is a resort mixed with an amusement park that is open to everyone! You can jump on the longest cable car in South East Asia over to Vinpearl Island in Nha Trang. The cable car offers breathtaking views while it crosses over the ocean. Vinpearl Island is one of the top things to do in Nha Trang on your Vietnam honeymoon. You can explore the island on your Vietnam honeymoon, hit up the rides or check out the water park.
Perhaps theme parks aren’t your thing? That’s okay, there’s something for everyone here on Vinpearl Island. Head over to the aquarium and see some animals or release your inner child at the nearby theme park. You can easily spend a day here exploring the island on your Vietnam honeymoon. The cable car ride and entry into the park is only $18 USD per person.

nha trang vietnam
Nha Trang has such beautiful beaches

Beach Day

Relax and enjoy married life following the most stressful day of your life, aka your wedding. Work on your tan and swim in the sea, just don’t mind the Russian’s awkwardly spreading their legs whilst tanning. The beach is fairly nice however, it could be so much cleaner! Make sure you do your bit to keep it clean and take your rubbish with you.

Water Sports

There are tons of water sports and activities in Nha Trang to keep you entertained on your honeymoon in Vietnam. Water activities are one of the best things to do in Nha Trang. Spend the day jet skiing, windsurfing, paragliding, and enjoying plenty more adrenaline pumping water activities on your Honeymoon in Nha Trang.

Po Nagar Temple

Do something cultural on your honeymoon in Vietnam and check out the No Nagar Temple. The Cham people between the 8th and 11th centuries built the this temple complex. No Nagar temple sits on top of Mount Cu Lau and overlooks the Cai River.

Long Son Pagoda

Long Son Pagoda combines modern interpretations of traditional Buddhist motifs. The pagoda is beautiful with mosaic dragons, glasswork and intrinsic ceramic tile designs. There’s a beautiful white Buddha statue standing on top of the hill with many great photo opportunities.

Thap Ba Hot Springs & Mud Baths

Although these aren’t natural hot springs or mud baths, they’re some of the most romantic things to do in Nha Trang on your Vietnam honeymoon. Relax with your lover and rejuvenate in the mineral-rich hot springs and mud baths. If you’re looking for Vietnam honeymoon ideas, this place can sort you out. Soothe your muscles with a herbal bath, unwind in the Jacuzzi, swim in the pool or take a dip in the waterfall. There are so many romantic date ideas here at Thap Ba Hot Springs Center for couples on their Vietnam honeymoon.

mud bath nha trang
Have a romantic mud bath on your Honeymoon in Vietnam

Where To Stay In Nha Trang – Accommodation

If you’re looking for budget accommodation on your Vietnam honeymoon, check out The Pavillion Garden Hotel and Spa. Perhaps you’re after luxurious Vietnam honeymoon resorts? Look no further than the InterContinental Nha Trang for complete and utter luxury for your Vietnam honeymoon accommodation. Use this link to save $20 on booking.com or perhaps you want to see what you can find on AirBnb? Use this invite for $35 off of your first stay!

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How To Get To Nha Trang – Transport

You have a few options for transport to and from Nha Trang on your honeymoon in Vietnam. Travel to Nha Trang by flying domestically, tickets start as low as $20 USD from places like Ho Chi Minh. You can also catch an overnight sleeper bus or train if you’re going a long distance. The train station is located in the town centre, west of the cathedral. An overnight sleeper train or bus saves you both time and money, which is what couples are looking for when they honeymoon on a budget. Pre-book your bus or train to Nha Trang here with 12GO Asia.

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Honeymoon Vietnam


Dalat, also known as the “Alps of Vietnam”, is nestled 1500m above sea level, high up in the mountains of Bidoup Núi Bà National Park. The motorbike ride from Nha Trang through the incredible winding mountainous roads to Dalat was absolutely breathtaking. We drove for 3 hours, way up in the clouds of the mountains, past waterfalls flowing underneath the road, around tight winding corners, with no barriers and sheer drops into the clouds below. If you loved the Hai Van Pass then we totally recommend this road via motorbike!
For all you outdoorsy nature lovers, there are so many activities that you can enjoy on your Honeymoon in Dalat Vietnam. From rock climbing to mountain biking, trekking to canyoning… Adventure junkies this is the best honeymoon destination in Vietnam for you! If you’re heading to Mui Ne next, the drive down the mountains through the Vietnamese countryside is a spectacular drive and a great way to see the real Vietnam.

Dalat Canyoning
Canyoning in Dalat on our Honeymoon

Top Things To Do In Dalat – Attractions

Canyoning and Cliff Jumping

Canyoning is definitely one of the top things to do in Dalat thanks to the abundance of waterfalls. There are a few different companies to book through, but if you want the best experience, then book through Groovy Gecko Tours. They have their own private waterfalls for your own small group, so you won’t have to wait in lines to abseil and have the whole area all to yourself. It’s a great day out for adventure go-oers on their romantic Vietnam backpacking honeymoon.
The day began with a crazy 4WD through thick mud, past coffee plantations and minority villages, with breathtaking views of the countryside. The soft top was open, the music was blaring and we were standing in the back of the WW2 jeep holding on for our dear lives. We had an absolute blast dancing to the techno tunes, before arriving and abseiling 5 waterfalls. The largest waterfall is 65m high and isn’t for the faint-hearted. There are a couple of cliff jumps (8m) at the bottom of the waterfall too!

The Crazy House

You’ll feel as if you’ve fallen like Alice down the rabbit hole into ‘wonderland’ aka the Crazy House. This Vietnam honeymoon attraction was designed by Vietnamese artist Đặng Việt Nga and is still a work in progress. It’s such a strange, weird, kind of eerie yet beautifully fascinating place and one of the best things to do in Dalat. You’re pretty much walking through a maze, trying to navigate around the ladders, slides and walkways in the sky. You can even stay here in one of the themed rooms however, its quite pricey and I’d hate to have large crowds chilling out the front of my room trying to peek in. Entrance into the crazy house is 40,000VND!

dalat crazy house
Exploring Dalat’s crazy house

Chase Waterfalls

There are so many amazing waterfalls surrounding Dalat, just waiting for you to find on your Vietnam honeymoon tour. Pogour Waterfall is quite far away, however it’s pretty much tourist free. So if you’re looking for a romantic place to take your lover for a picnic, on your Vietnam honeymoon, check out Pongour falls. We think it’s far more beautiful than Datanla and Elephant waterfalls, plus entry is only 10,000 VND.
Elephant Waterfalls is worth checkout out though, as you can stand really close to the cascading water. Datanla Waterfall, also known as Thac Datanla is a beautifully breathtaking waterfall. It’s one of the best Vietnam honeymoon ideas for adventurous couples, as you can zip line to the bottom of the waterfall, in your own natural adventure theme park. It’s so much fun and entry is just 50,000 VND per person.

Lang Biang Mountain

The Lang Biang Mountain is just utterly breathtaking, peaking at 2,167m! We rode through the three peaks, stopping at viewpoints as we drove from Nha Trang to Dalat. It’s literally you, nature and a big ol’ windy road here in the Lang Biang Mountain range. It’s a great day out for couples who love exploring on their honeymoon travels in Vietnam.

Where To Stay In Dalat – Accommodation

There are so many honeymoon hotels and accommodation options for couples on their Dalat Vietnam honeymoon. If you’re looking for decent honeymoon hotels and a budget price, check out the Dalat Eco Hotel. Perhaps you’re looking for one of the romantic Vietnam honeymoon resorts? Check out the Swiss Belresort Tuyen Lam for absolute luxury! Use this link to save $20 on booking.com or perhaps you want to see what you can find on AirBnb? Use this invite for $35 off of your first stay!

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canyoning dalat
Conquering Dalat’s 65m waterfall

How To Get To Dalat – Transport

You have a few options for transport to and from Dalat, on your Vietnam honeymoon. Travel to Dalat by flying domestically, the airport is located 30km away from the city centre. They have a shared shuttle bus service from the airport for just $2 each. You can also catch an overnight sleeper bus if you’re going a long distance. This saves you both time and money, which is what couples are looking for when they honeymoon on a budget. Pre-book your bus to Dalat here with 12GO Asia.

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Honeymoon In Vietnam

Mui Ne

Mui Ne used to be a long stretch of shorelines where travellers camped on the beach. Nowadays, Vietnam honeymoon resorts dominate the landscape and there isn’t much of a shoreline. It’s quite a popular Vietnam honeymoon destination, as it’s one of the closest and most beautiful beaches to Ho Chi Minh City. You will still find rustic vibes here in Mui Ne at the fishing village however, tourists tend to outweigh the number of locals these days. Although it’s touristy, it’s a great Vietnam honeymoon hotspot that’s perfect for couples that want to honeymoon on the beach.

Mui Ne fairy stream
Walking through Mui Ne’s magical fairy stream

Top Things To Do In Mui Ne – Attractions

Beach Day

There are so many things to do in Mui Ne, but having a beach day should be top of your list! You’ll have to head down to the Vietnam honeymoon resorts on the beach, as most of the sand and shoreline has eroded away in other areas. Here you will find beach chairs to rent, ocean to swim in and sand to build castles on your Vietnam honeymoon.

White and Red Sand Dunes – Mui Ne

The White Sand Dunes that have an incredible view of the beach and surrounding area, especially at sunrise. Hire a dune buggy with your partner in crime and hoon around the sand dunes on your Vietnam honeymoon. It’s so much fun exploring the plethora of sand dunes along the beach here in Mui Ne. If you’re not into adventure, you can just walk around the sand dunes and take in the surrounding beauty of Mui Ne
At the Red Sand Dunes, (which are more of an orange colour) you can go sandboarding down the dunes. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Mui Ne, you’ve come to the right place! Rent a sand board from one of the local ladies on the street. It should only cost $1 to hire a sand board for an hour.

mui ne sand dunes
The sand dunes of Mui Ne

Mui Ne Fishing Village

Stop into the Mui Ne fishing village on your way back from the sand dunes. Try and stop into the fishing village during the morning. This way you’ll see the fisherman hurling in the catch of the day and selling it on the side of the road. Wanting fresh seafood for dinner? You won’t find seafood fresher than you’ll find here at the Mui Ne fishing village.

Fairy Stream

Like the name suggests, fairy stream is a magical place. The stream is mesmerising, as the currents flow irregularly creating multiple mini stationary waves. Our tour guide said that the fluttering fairies of the stream create these special currents. Along the banks of the stream, you’ll find a field of lucky four-leaf clovers. We’d been searching our whole lives for one and finally found one here!
Make sure you wear clothes you can roll up above your knees, as you will be walking through water. Along the way, you may randomly spot ostriches. They offer ostrich tours along the river however, we’d recommend against this option, as they look unwell and not treated humanely. It’s important to be an ethical traveller on your Vietnam honeymoon and not engage in unethical animal tourism. However, they are beautiful creatures to look at!

ostrich vietnam
Admire but don’t ride these beautiful creatures!

Where To Stay In Mui Ne – Accommodation

Mui Ne is a tourist town, so it’s a given that there are so many honeymoon accommodation options for couples on their Vietnam honeymoon. If your honeymoon in Vietnam is on a budget, check out the Mui Ne Backpackers Village for accommodation. It’s a very social place with a pool, games room and in-house restaurant. Perhaps you’re looking for romance on your Vietnam honeymoon? Definitely, check out the Unique Mui Ne Vietnam honeymoon resort. Check here for more Mui Ne honeymoon hotels and use this link for $20 off your next hotel booking with booking.com! If you’re over the hotel scene, why not give AirBnb a go? There are some awesome Vietnam honeymoon accommodation options available. Just click here for $35 free credit with AirBnb.

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Mui Ne fishing village
Mui Ne’s little fishing village

How To Get To Mui Ne – Transport

Mui Ne is quite an easy Vietnam honeymoon destination to get to. From Ho Chi Minh you can reach Mui Ne in 5-7 hours by bus. Tickets cost between $6-$10 USD each for the Bus and $16-$18 each for the train, pre-book your ticket here. The journey on the train is quite quicker than the bus, only taking you 3-4 hours. If you get your own private transfer, it’s much more expensive costing you $80 USD for the car.

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Honeymoon In Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon, is the gateway into Vietnam, as it sees the most amount of tourists than any other Vietnamese city. Although Ho Chi Minh city lacks the natural beauty that you see in the North of Vietnam, it does have a heavy history that isn’t easy to overcome. Ho Chi Minh is a bustling city full of energy, charm and over eight million people.

Top Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh – Attractions

War Remnant Museum

The War Remanent Museum in Ho Chi Minh isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a hard emotional experience for visitors who come to the War Remanent Museum. There’s no equivocating around the sad, but true history of Vietnam during the war. You will get a spine-shivering insight into what actually happened during the Vietnam War. The horrific effects of Agent Orange, is prominent in society, even today. You will see mutated Agent Orange victims begging on the streets, and collecting rubbish in Ho Chi Minh. This war had a horrific impact on the Vietnamese people, but somehow the Vietnamese people triumphed and stand together today with immense pride in their nation.

war Remanent Museum vietnam
Vietnam’s War Remanent Museum

Cu Chi Tunnels

If you’re going to visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, we’d recommend visiting the War Remanent Museum prior. It absolutely blew our mind with the creativity and craftiness of the Vietnamese people during the war. The people may not have had many resources, weapons and support, but somehow managed to live below the surface in this maze of tiny tunnels. The way they built the tunnels were pure genius, allowing for hiding spots, supply routes, hospitals and water drainage. How they lived down there for so many years is beyond me! I got claustrophobic just crawling through one of the tunnels.

Bến Thành Market

The Bến Thành Market is one of the few surviving structures following the fall of Saigon. Bến Thành Market is absolutely massive and is every shopper’s dream. You can buy anything and everything here at the Bến Thành Market in Ho Chi Minh. It’s well known for its handcrafts, leather goods, shoes, souvenirs, clothing and has epic cheap Vietnamese food!

Where To Stay In Ho Chi Minh – Accommodation

You have a plethora of accommodation options for your Vietnam honeymoon hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Full House in district one is a great Vietnam budget honeymoon hotel option. Find the best hotel to suit you at booking.com, click here to save $20 off your next hotel on booking. Why not give Airbnb a go instead of Vietnam honeymoon resorts. They’re usually cheaper and if you follow this link, you get $35 free credit with Airbnb!

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mui ne four leaved clover
We both found a four leaved clover!

How To Get To/From Ho Chi Minh – Transport


Ho Chi Minh is a transport hub with a wide range of options on how to get to and from Ho Chi Minh. Fly into Ho Chi Minh international airport from other countries around the world for your honeymoon in Vietnam. It’s so easy and cheap to reach Vietnam by air; we snagged a one-way flight from Sydney for just $150 USD.
To get to district 1/ city centre in Ho Chi Minh from the international airport you can either take a bus, taxi or Uber. Bus 109 links with the city centre and international airport. It takes around 45 minutes and only costs 5,000 VND. A taxi from the airport is around 160-200k VND and an Uber is even cheaper. Click this link for $5 off each of your first 4 rides with Uber.


If you’re arriving or leaving Ho Chi Minh on a bus, you’ll arrive at one of five bus stations in Ho Chi Minh. Make sure you check where your ticket leaves as they’re scattered in different places around the city.

      1. Cho Ben Thanh Bus Station
      2. Mien Dong Bus Station
      3. Mien Tay Bus Station
      4. Cholon Bus Station
      5. Dinh Bo Linh station

The possibilities are endless for onward honeymoon destinations in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Look up bus schedules, destinations and ticket prices here at 12GO Asia.


Ho Chi Minh station have four trains that run daily to Hanoi and takes about 34 hours. You have a plethora of stops along the way at many beautiful Vietnam honeymoon destinations. Check train schedules, prices and book your tickets here with 12GO Asia.

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vietnam big buddha
We’re giving this happy Buddha a run for it’s money

 How To Get Around Ho Chi Minh City – Transport


Taxis are one of the easiest ways to get around Ho Chi Minh City on their Vietnam honeymoon. However, they’re also notorious for scams with many fraudulent companies around Ho Chi Minh. You will pay between 10-15k VND for a standard taxi fare, with every kilometre costing you an extra 6,000 VND. Taxi fares tend to increase in the evening, so keep that in mind. We got ripped off so many times by Taxis taking the “short route” and ended up paying so much more.


We’d take an Uber over a taxi any day in Ho Chi Minh! There are so many advantages like safety, not having to hand over money, having a digital receipt and you always get a lift in a nice car. Use this link to get $5 off each of your first 5 rides with Uber, our next ride will be cheaper too, cheers!

Xe Om/ Motorcycle Taxis

Motorcycle Taxis are a common, popular mode of transport in Ho Chi Minh. It’s definitely a thrilling experience, weaving through crazy traffic on the back of a motorbike. Motorcycle taxis are always quicker than cars and cost less than half the price. You can get a Motorcycle taxi from just 10,000 VND depending on the destination, just download the GrabBike app. Just make sure you wear your helmet and keep your knees close to the bike for safety.


The public bus and transportation system in Ho Chi Minh City is excellent. Public buses are a great, affordable way to explore the city on your budget honeymoon in Vietnam. Most buses have comfortable seats and air-conditioning. It’s not bad at all considering fares start as low as 300 VND. The only downside is the language barrier however, we managed just fine!

Rent a Bicycle or Motorbike/Scooter

If you’re ballsy enough to explore Ho Chi Minh on your own, rent a Bicycle or motorcycle. Explore the city by bicycle with your lover for just 20,000 VND for a full days rental. Motorbike and scooters are a tad more expensive, starting at 100,000 VND per day.

Honeymoon Vietnam

Mekong Delta/Can Tho

A honeymoon tour in Vietnam isn’t complete without visiting the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, known as the Mekong Delta River. Explore the maze of rivers and swampland, keeping your eye out for native wildlife. Navigate your way through the Mekong Delta and discover Vietnam’s floating markets.  
You only need a couple of days to see everything the Mekong Delta has to offer. Stay in Can Tho where they have an awesome night market and run daily Mekong river tours. The Van Phat Riverside Hotel is a great budget accommodation option for couples on their Vietnam honeymoon. Book your transport to the Mekong River here with 12GO Asia. You have the option to cross into Laos via the Mekong River if you’d like to travel onwards from here.

Mekong river vietnam
Cruising through the Mekong River

Honeymoon In Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island

Just off the mainland sits every couples dream honeymoon destination in Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island. This blissful, tranquil tropical paradise is exactly why you should have your honeymoon in Vietnam! We love that nearly half of Phu Quoc Island is National Park, as we’re big nature lovers. Take your lover to some of the best honeymoon places in Vietnam, scattered all over Phu Quoc Island. There are beautiful hiking trails, breathtaking viewpoints over looking the jungle, mountains and ocean. You have to experience Phu Cuoc Island to understand why we love it so much!

How To Get To Phu Quoc Island – Transport


If you’re over travelling such long distances on your Vietnam honeymoon, just catch a plane over to Phu Quoc Island. You can snag cheap domestic flights from Ho Chi Minh for around $30 USD each.


From Ha Tien you can catch a ferry over to Phu Quoc Island. It takes between 90 minutes  to 150 minutes depending on the ferry to get there, costing you 130,000 – 200,000 VND.
From Rach Gia you can catch a ferry over to Phu Quoc Island. This will take 2.5 hours and cost about 340,000 VND.
If you want to bring your motorbike on the ferry, it’s an additional 80,000 VND.

Bus + Boat

From Ho Chi Minh, you can get a bus from Mien Tay Bus Station to the city of Rach Gia or Ha tien. You just need to get to the bus station and they will organise everything else for you. Better yet just pre-book your transport with 12GO Asia to snag the best seats and take the worry and confusion out of your Vietnam honeymoon.

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Top Things To Do On Phu Quoc Island – Attractions

Bai Sao – Sao Beach Phu Quoc

The southern tip of Phu Quoc Island offers crystal clear water and breathtaking views. Sao Beach is more of an off the beaten path Vietnam honeymoon destination. It’s probably one of the least touristic beaches on the island as the road to get here is pretty sketchy.

Dinh Cau Temple

Din Cau Temple of Phu Quoc Island is an interesting combination of a temple that is also a lighthouse. It’s not every day that you see something like that! Not only does Dinh Cau Temple have incredible views overlooking Phu Cuoc Island, but it’s one of the top things to do in Phu Quoc Island.

Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison, used to hold prisoners of war during the Vietnam War some years ago. It was originally built by the French to imprison the Vietnamese during colonisation. If you’re wanting to find out more Vietnamese history, you’ve come to the right place. The Phu Quoc Prison has tons of information on the war, the Vietnamese way of life, struggles and horrible war tales of punishment and torture.

Dinh Cau Night Market

If you’re after fresh seafood, it doesn’t get much fresher than here. Restaurants have all the seafood on their menu alive in the fish tanks in front of you. With a variety of seafood like prawns, fish, clams, octopus, oysters, squid and even sea snakes! It’s definitely an experience here at the Dinh Cau Night Market, and a great Vietnam honeymoon idea.

Suối Tranh Waterfall

Chase waterfalls on Phu Quoc Island on your Vietnam honeymoon. The waterfall is just a short uphill walk to reach the small waterfall and rock pools! It’s nice to come here and cool off on a hot day or just have a picnic while you’re honeymooning in Vietnam.

vietnam market
Checking out the local markets

Where To Stay On Phu Quoc Island – Accommodation

There are so many romantic honeymoon hotels all over the breathtaking Phu Quoc Island. If you’re looking for luxury, it’s hard to go past the romantic but reasonably priced Amarin Resort. Perhaps you’re on a shoestring budget? The Khanh Duy is another lovely honeymoon hotel for couples doing a budget honeymoon. Find the best hotel to suit you at booking.com, click here to save $20 off your next hotel on booking. Why not give Airbnb a go instead of Vietnam honeymoon resorts. They’re usually cheaper and if you follow this link, you get $35 free credit with Airbnb!

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Vietnam Travel Tips

Things To Know Before You Go

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

The best time to visit Vietnam is in spring (February – April) and autumn (August – October). Make sure you plan your Vietnam honeymoon for either spring or autumn, for optimal weather. March and April have the lowest precipitation and nice warm temperatures.
During the Vietnamese New Year, also known as Tết, or the Luna New Year, it tends to be super busy! It’s definitely an amazing experience being here for Tết holidays however, you need to plan ahead. Every Vietnamese family goes on holidays during Tết. Restaurants pack out, hotels book out and prices sky rocket. So if you plan to be in Vietnam for the Luna New Year, make sure you book your transport and accommodation, well ahead of time.

Avoid Drinking Tap Water

The water sanitation levels in Vietnam aren’t as crash hot as back home. So you will definitely get sick if you drink the tap water. Some travellers even go to the extreme of using bottled water when brushing their teeth, however we didn’t and we never got sick. I guess it depends on your immune system and how susceptible you’re to getting sick. Just be careful where your water and ice cubes come from, as you can get water borne illnesses from drinking tap water.

Vietnam Phrases – Handy Phrases For Your Vietnam Honeymoon

Respect is HUGE in Vietnam, especially to your elders. You should know the basics like hello, please, thank you and how to address someone older than you, before travelling Vietnam. This will not only help you connect and engage with locals, but show that you care and you’re not that drunk backpacker just here for the cheap holiday and alcohol. Knowing the basics show that you’re respectful and it goes a long way.
Hello – Xin chào
How Are You? – Khỏe không?
Sorry – Xin lỗi
Thankyou – Cảm ơn
Older man – Ang
Older woman – Chi
Younger man/woman – Em

Restricted Media In Vietnam

If you’re a blogger like myself and rely on using WordPress, you may run into some difficulties in Vietnam. The government filters many websites, media outlets and social media sites; its communism at it’s finest! While living in Vietnam I struggled to keep up to date on Australian news and relied purely on the article grabs shared on social media. One day while travelling Vietnam, all social media sites were blocked. I asked my teacher friend living in Hanoi, she said not to ask questions but my curious mind couldn’t help myself. Apparently when something happens, like a protest or something the government shuts down social media to avoid the news spreading. Facebook and other sites were down for three days, so just make sure that you have another option available to contact friends and family while you’re travelling Vietnam.

vietnam motorbike
We drove from north to south Vietnam on this bike!

Apps To Download For Traveling Vietnam


Maps.me is every traveller’s best friend! The amount of times this app has saved our butts while travelling Vietnam is insane! While connected to Wi-Fi download the map of the town you’re in and voila you can navigate your way around offline.


This app is yet another game changer for travelling Vietnam. It has offline maps, with the attractions around you city already pinned to the map. Triposo offers restaurant recommendations, and has a handy phrase book for each country you’re travelling.


We’re both big fans of Uber, especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh where taxis are notorious for ripping off travellers in Vietnam. Everything is done electronically, no money is handed over and it’s far safer than taxis. Use this link for $5 off each of your first 4 Uber rides.

Grab Bike

If you’re just travelling around a city in Vietnam, GrabBike is a great alternative. It’s quick, cheap and very handy for cities like Hanoi during peak hour. Grab bike is also used all over Asia, not just Vietnam. Download the app to get the cheapest transport in Vietnam.

Food In Vietnam

You’re going to fall in love with Vietnamese food on your honeymoon in Vietnam! We may have put on a few kilos over the 5 months we spent honeymooning in Vietnam, but it was so worth it. Vietnamese food is amazing, the Banh Mi sandwiches and pho soups are just so simple yet delicious. Check out our 15 must try Vietnamese foods. If you’re worried that they will serve you dog instead of pork or beef, you’re totally mistaken. Dog is actually very expensive and a delicacy in Vietnam, they’re not going to waste it on a foreigner like you! Try to avoid restaurants that say thit cho and thit meow… Trust us.

vietnam street food
Vietnamese street food is incredible!

Vaccination Information

There’s so much conflicting information online, especially when it comes to vaccines you need for Vietnam. We both never bothered with additional vaccines for Vietnam and had no problems whatsoever. We spent five months riding our motorbike from North to South, trekking through the jungle, exploring caves and camping on beaches for our Vietnam honeymoon! We’re not the biggest fan of pharmaceuticals, and tend to follow a more naturopathic/holistic approach.
Just to be safe, make sure you’re up to date on the following routine vaccinations:

      • Measles-mumps-rubella vaccine
      • diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine
      • varicella (chickenpox) vaccine
      • polio vaccine

Some Vietnam honeymoon tours require compulsory, ultra-cautious and not really necessary vaccinations like:

      • Hepatitis A
      • Typhoid

Paranoid travellers who’re germ freaks may opt for these unnecessary, harmful and kind of dramatic vaccinations for Vietnam:

      • Malaria (the harmful side effects so aren’t worth it)
      • Rabies (even if you do get contract Rabies, you still need Rabie shots even if you have the vaccine)
      • Yellow Fever
      • Hepatitis B

temple hanoi

Honeymoon In Vietnam For Free!

Who wouldn’t want to have a free Vietnam honeymoon?! We honeymoon for free all over the world with TrustedHousesitters. There is so many incredible house sits available in the Vietnam, why not save money on accommodation and spend it doing the things you love? House sit in the Vietnamese jungle while looking after a cute puppy dog. Click here to get 20% off your membership with TrustedHousesitters and have your free Vietnam honeymoon.

Vietnam Blog

Share Your Vietnam Honeymoon Story

We travelled from the North all the way South of Vietnam over 5 beautiful months! We got lost in the Yen Bai mountain range before reaching Sapa 3 days later opposed to 8 hours… read about that adventure here! Are you having your honeymoon in Vietnam and want to share your story? Contact us for your chance to be featured on the biggest emerging honeymoon blog on the internet, Honeymoon Backpackers.
Check out our Honeymoon Chronicles with stories, experiences, tips and advice from real couples who’ve visited the best honeymoon destinations on a budget! Our Vietnam honeymoon guide supports the Vietnamese people, by recommending local establishments. So help us support them by eating and drinking local and if you have any recommendations that you think should be included, just leave a comment below.

Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba Island

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