Sea To Sky Backpack Review

Sea To Sky Backpack Review

If you’re in the market for a lightweight waterproof backpack that fits in your pocket, then look no further. The Sea to Sky backpack by the Pacific Northwest Co (PNW Co.) is easily one of our favourite travel packs for our hiking adventures! This pocket waterproof backpack from PNW Co. is for sure one of the best backpacking essentials for travellers.

Sea To Sky Backpack

We’re all about quality gear that’s both durable and can handle the inevitable wear and tear while travelling on your honeymoon. You’ll never need a backpack rain cover with this seamlessly designed lightweight waterproof backpack. If you like to adventure like us, then you’ll be thankful for the 24L dry sack storage compartment.
Pop your reusable travel water bottle in the side pocket or your easy to reach belonging in the front zipper pocket. It keeps all your belongings dry when you encounter rain that you’re totally unprepared for. Or, if you accidentally slip on a rock and fall into the river while canyoning. This epic Sea to Sky backpack is one of the best gifts for hikers and travellers.

sea to sky backpack
The PNW Co. Sea to Sky pack has tons of added features like straps, hooks, carabiner clips, easy to access front pocket and side pockets for your water bottles. But without a doubt, the best feature is definitely its compact size, as it can just fit in your pocket!
However, it’s only a day backpack so if you’re looking for a full-sized travel backpack we’d recommend checking out the product review of the Osprey Aether 70L backpack. I don’t know how many times we’ve either taken a backpack and wished we didn’t have to lug it around or didn’t take a bag and wished we did. Luckily now we don’t have to worry, thanks to this epic little waterproof backpack that fits perfectly in our pocket!

PNW Sea to Sky Backpack Review

Weight: 5.5oz
Capacity: 24L
Pouch Dimensions: 4.9 x 3 inches
Backpack Dimensions: 20 x 11 inches
RRP: $84.99

Sea to Sky Product Features

  • Adjustable and padded mesh straps
  • Deep 9.5″ side pockets – Perfect for water bottles
  • Easy access front pocket with reflective water-resistant front zipper
  • 100% waterproof main compartment
  • Adjustable and removable sternum strap with attached safety whistle
  • Light and compact to fit in your pocket

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sea to sky backpack

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Day Backpack

What elements should I consider when determining what is the best travel backpack for my adventures?


Size is an important factor to consider when purchasing a day backpack. The last thing you want is to be lugging around a huge bag all day. However, it needs to be big enough to fit your daily essentials and have a little give or take for extra items. The best part about the PNW Co. Sea to Sky pack is that it’s a huge 24l capacity and can even be stuffed into the carry pouch and clipped onto your pants or put in your pocket.


Weight is a key element for determining what backpack is best for you. You don’t want to be heaving around a heavy bag plus the weight of the contents inside. Thankfully the PNW Co. Sea to Sky backpack only weighs a measly 155g which is next to nothing!


Durability is a crucial component of an excellent day backpack. You need it to be able to withstand the weight of the contents and the inevitable beating it will take while on the road. There is nothing worse than having your daypack break while you’re out adventuring. The PNW Co. Sea to Sky pack is a durable product that can withstand a plethora of weather conditions.


Perhaps one of the most important features in our opinion is the water resistance of your daypack. The number of times we have encountered a storm whilst hiking, at the beach or adventuring on our motorbike is insane. Having a waterproof backpack is essential for any traveller, hiker or backpacker. The stuff sack in the Sea to Sky pack is 100% waterproof even when submerged underwater. However, the easy access front section is just a rain resistant pocket and will leak if submerged under water.


Another pivotal facet of a functional day backpack is storage compartments. We love the fact that the Sea to Sky pack has mesh side pockets for both our water bottles! The easy access front zipper pocket is great for small items like your wallet, sunglasses and keys. Whereas the roll-top stuff sack is perfect for bigger items like shoes, towels, clothes and camera gear.


The adjustable straps on the neck, shoulders and waist clips, help immensely to balance the weight of your pack. It’s an adaptable backpack for any user, as the straps can be tightened or made loose in a matter of seconds. When I’m sick of carrying the backpack, Dylan can wear it and adjust it to his height and body super easily, which is a massive plus.

sea to sky backpack

Overall Sea To Sky Backpack Review

After testing out the PNW Co. Sea to Sky backpack in a range of environments and conditions, we would definitely recommend this product as a day backpack for travellers and hikers. It’s lightweight, comfortable to wear, has a nice minimalist design and comes in a range of colours. This day backpack is breathable on your shoulders, yet is also very water resistant. The only very minor downfall is that the front easy access pocket on the pack is only rainproof and not 100% waterproof.
We love the fact that it fits in your pocket, weighs next to nothing and can carry up to 24L worth of stuff. Clip it onto your big backpacking while travelling around, put it in your pocket to use instead of plastic grocery bags or use it as a functional day backpack. It’s perfect for the great outdoors as it’s durable resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions. The Sea to Sky pack is designed for people on the go like us and is built to last. We’d definitely recommend the Sea to Sky pack for your day backpack travel needs!

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sea to sky backpack

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