Where To Honeymoon In Australia

Where To Honeymoon In Australia

Australia is the kind of destination that even dedicated world travellers might only make it to once or twice in a lifetime. It just happens to be far away, from many places in the world. However, that makes it an extra special country to visit, and a unique honeymoon destination. Couples flock here for an Aussie nature road trip, exploring our vast landscape on their Australian honeymoon.
The only trouble with Australia is that it’s massive! We have that many incredible honeymoon destinations having the time to see everything will be a challenge. These are a few suggestions for your Australia road trip or honeymoon in Australia!


Tasmania is actually specifically recommended for honeymoons, not just because it’s vaguely heart-shaped, but because it is considered to be one of the most romantic Australian states. Its somewhat exotic name has lent it a reputation as something of a wild reach of the world over the years, but we shouldn’t mistake “natural” for “wild.” That is, it’s a very beautiful place that in many respects is relatively untouched by human influence, but it’s not as if it’s uninhabited or dangerous wilderness. Remote ports and beaches, charming towns like Hobart, mountainous hiking opportunities and national parks can combine to give you just about any sort of vacation you’d like, so long as you’re not in the market for a big city. For that, just look at our next selection!
honeymoon in Tasmania


There are several great cities to visit in Australia, but for the active couple, Melbourne is arguably the most fun. Perhaps more than anything else, Melbourne is known for its thrilling sports scene. Everything from Aussie rules football to surfing, to professional tennis is big in town, which gives you opportunities both to try sports and watch them. Additionally, there are common betting markets in Australia that are legal and accessible, which leads a lot of people to get personally involved (to some degree), which makes everything more interesting and exciting. Melbourne isn’t just about sports though. It’s a pretty city full of impressive attractions, and, it goes without saying, it has plenty of incredible hotels you can enjoy, as well as enough fine dining to keep you busy for the whole trip.
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If you’re really focused on seeing some of the remote nature of Australia, Kimberley may actually have even more of what you’re looking for than Tasmania. It’s effectively a giant plateau in western Australia, which broadly speaking is less developed and a little wilder. You can spot unique wildlife, go hiking or cycling, see the Mitchell Falls, and hang out on the beaches of Cape Leveque. And while there might not be quite as many accommodation options, the ones there are can be spectacular. We’d direct you toward the Berkeley River Lodge in particular. They won’t pamper you quite like the average honeymoon suite, but private villas are pristine, there are views of the sea, and there’s an on-site restaurant.
honeymoon in kimberley

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are almost bizarrely overlooked among Australian attractions, perhaps because they’re overshadowed somewhat by the capital city of Sydney. But there are plenty of things to do there, from horseback riding along guided trails to exploring hidden canyons. There are accommodation options in the mountains, though we might also recommend a luxury hotel in Sydney from which you can spend half of your honeymoon in an awesome modern city and the other half exploring the mountains’ charms.
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Hayman Island

If you’re seeking an out-of-the-way paradise where you can just get entirely wrapped up in each other, enjoy luxurious settings and amenities, and take in otherworldly surroundings, Hayman Island is the place for you. It’s a small island near the Great Barrier Reef, and its primary resort – One & Only – has become a rather famous romantic destination. Whether you want to stay on-site and simply enjoy your stay or take in activities like a helicopter ride over the world’s most famous reef, One & Only has what you need.
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