Honeymoon Sex Toys – Sex Toys Review

Honeymoon Sex Toys – Sex Toys Review

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom with your lover? The best sex toys for couples promote intimacy, exploration and stimulation. The number of couples using sex toys to enhance their sex life is astounding. Why not spice things up in the bedroom on your romantic rendezvous with the best honeymoon sex toys?
In this day and age, it’s totally normal to buy fun sex toys for couples. The best sex toys for married couples like us, pleasure both people and add a new level of romance to the relationship. There are male sex toys like the Tenuto and women using sex toys absolutely love it! You should definitely be introducing adult sex toys for couples who want to explore, new and exciting realms with their partner.
The Crescendo is one of the must-have sex toys for long distance couples and is also the best honeymoon sex toys too. For couples living in different parts of the world, long-distance sex toys are essential to relive the sexual tension they build up while they’re away from their partner.
There are plenty of weird sex toys out there, however, there are also realistic sex toys to use with your lover. But, what are the best sex toys for couples? This sex toy review may help you determine what is the top rated sex toys for couples and what are the best honeymoon sex toys.

Quick Answer: Best Honeymoon Sex Toys

Best Sex Toys For Couples: Crescendo

The Crescendo is an advanced luxury vibrator and is one of the best couple sex toys. If you and your lover are looking for the ultimate personalised pleasure, the Crescendo is the best sex toy for couples who like customisations.
You can change the shape, pattern and speed all via the app on your phone. This enables couples to personalise their sexual stimulation and exploration with this top rated sex toys for couples! Get 15% off your Crescendo couples sex toy.

Sex Toy Review: Crescendo

  • A 21 cm bendable vibrator that can adapt to any body shape.
  • This silicone sex toy is made from premium body-safe silicone.
  • 100% waterproof!
  • This sexy sex toy has wireless charging.
  • Create your own vibes with this epic sex toys for couples.
  • The best couples sex toys are whisper quiet!
  • Control your pleasure on your phone with a smart app or program your own vibes.
  • This couples sex toy comes with 12 months warranty and a travel case.

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Best Sex Toys For Couples: Tenuto

Have more adventurous sex with the Tenuto, a wearable vibrator! The Tenuto is one of the best sex toys for men encouraging harder, faster, longer and stronger sex. Although the Tenuto is typically more of a male sex toy, it also can pleasure the female, especially during intercourse.
Couples using sex toys love the Tenuto as it stimulates both the male and female during sex, enhancing both pleasure and performance. It’s one of the best honeymoon sex toys too!

Sex Toy Review: Tenuto

  • This sex toy for couples is many toys in one.
  • It has 6 powerful motors for ultimate stimulation.
  • The Tenuto is USB rechargeable.
  • Create your own vibes with this epic sex toys for couples.
  • This fun sex toy for couples is 100% waterproof
  • Control your level of pleasure on your phone through a smart app.
  • The Tenuto is one of the best silicone sex toys and is made using premium materials.

Couples sex toys

How To Use Sex Toys: Tenuto

  • Stretch

Stretch the Tenuto’s flexible body to create room to fit your penis.

  • Wear

Place the tip of your penis in the front opening and your balls through the gap underneath. Pull Tenuto down the shaft, so it sits comfortably at the base of your penis. This is essential for couples using sex toys during intercourse.

  • Vibrate

Power up Tenuto and lose yourself in the sensation of multiple vibrations on your penis, balls and perineum. This is one of the sex toys couples love the most, as the female can get clitoral stimulation at the same time as her partner.

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How To Determine The Best Honeymoon Sex Toys


Choosing the size of your couples sex toy really depends on the purpose of its use. Think about the most gratifying sexual experience with your lover… What felt the best for both parties? Was it the sensation of penetration? Or, do you prefer clitoral,  balls and perineum stimulation?


The best sex toys for couples are made from high-quality durable materials. Silicone sex toys are by far your best bet as they’re easy to clean. Invest in a high-quality silicone sex toy that has a soft velvety feel like the Crescendo and Tenuto. The better the material of your couples sex toy, the more wonderful it will feel against your skin. Thus making it an extremely pleasurable and fun sex toy for couples.

best couple sex toys


Couples sex toys vary in shape, depending on personal preference. Some girls love penis’ with a curve to them, whereas some like the u-shaped design for both inner and outer pleasure. The best sex toys for couples are adjustable and bendable and the Crescendo is exactly that!


The best sex toys for couples have the best stimulating and arousing features. The Tenuto and Crescendo are the most advanced sex toys for couples in the market. We love the fact that you can control your couples sex toys through an app on your smartphone. Even better, you can create a pleasure and vibration playlist, planning out your sexual vibrating stimulation that will lead to your orgasm with these awesome sex toys for couples.

Sex Toy Review: Best Sex toys For Long-Distance Couples

The best sex toys for long distance couples fulfill the performance of their absent partner. The Crescendo is the best long distance sex toys for females as you get stimulating penetration and can program your bendable vibrator to the shape and movements that mimics your partner.
Sex toys for long distance couples tend to lack the need for male stimulation. However, the Tenuto is one of the best sex toys for men as they can lose loose themselves in the sensation of multiple vibrations on your penis, balls & perineum. With your partner on Skype, a strong tug of the hand and a good imagination, couples will be in awe of these long distance sex toys!

Sex Toy Review: Best Foreplay Sex Toys For Couples

The Crescendo is by far the best sex toys for couples to use during foreplay! Bend it into a U shape while in the 69 position. Have your parter lick your clitorous while the Crescendo’s vibrations stimulate your g-spot. Make sure he is wearing the Tenuto with the vibrations stimulating his penis, balls and perineum as you suck his cock nice and deep.
cresendo sex toy

Sex Toy Review: Best Honeymoon Sex Toys

The Tenuto is can be your guilty little pleasure in the bedroom, used to spice up your sex life. Surprise your partner by pulling out this awesome couples sex toy. It always makes sex a little bit more spontaneous, naughty and passionate. All couples should venture off the beaten track and embark on an epic sexual journey during intercourse with Tenudo. This couples sex toy opens up a new realm of sensations and ultimate sexual pleasure.

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