10 Romantic Things For Couples To Do In Budapest

10 Romantic Things For Couples To Do In Budapest

There are so many romantic things to do in Budapest for couples. Hand in hand, as you stroll along cobblestone paths watching the dusk lights flicker to life across the river. Crossing bridges of iron and stone, their patinas are written with love stories and entwined locks. You walk to the sound of a vowel-rich language that dances from the lips of locals and spins circles around your English.
Are you thinking of Paris? Think again. I’m talking Budapest. Set along the Danube river this Hungarian wonder is a romantic gem for couple’s travel. Check out some of the amazing hiking trails nearby, a local ruin bar in Budapest or catch a train from Budapest to Bucharest. There are so many romantic, free and cheap things to do in Budapest, this romantic European destination is a never-ending date night.
Here are ten ways to light up your romance in this fairytale city:

Castle Hill Budapest
Enjoy the spectacular view from Castle Hill

1. Explore Budapest, the city of lights at night!

One of the most romantic things to do in Budapest, is explore the city at night. Budapest has two parts – Buda on the high side and Pest on the low. The best way to meet them is a stroll along Danube Promenade as day turns to night. This is a city that knows how to light a river.
Start at Pest and watch the twinkles sprinkle up Castle Hill across the water. Cross Chain Bridge to Buda, running your hands along iron that holds stories of love, war and revolution. Let the lights of the Parliament Building steal your breath from the Buda side. There are so many things to do in Budapest with, a romantic stroll along the water with your lover is one of them.

Budapest food truck
This Budapest food truck can read my mind…

2. Eat like royalty on a paupers budget

Discover International travel’s best kept secret – Budapest dining. Incredible chef’s, remarkable fusions, nostalgic decor and service that will knock your socks off. Indulging in delectable cuisine from around the world is one of the many awesome things for couples to do in Budapest.
Drop by Vak Varuju Etterem for a meal that will leave you begging for more. Experience how the other half lives with a world-class meal, shareable dessert and wine. All for under $20 USD each. It’s one of the many romantic things to do on a budget in Budapest. Whether you’re visiting for a day or three days in Budapest, you have to enjoy the delicious food while you’re here!
Budapest Travel For Couples Tip!
Don’t miss Marvelosa for authentic Hungarian food and a great breakfast. Or New York Café for over the top extravagance made for movie stars. Put on the sunnies and waltz in like you own the joint. It’s a really romantic experience for couples in Budapest.

New York Café, Budapest
Treat yo self at the New York Café in Budapest

3. Forget Je t’aime, try Szeretlek

Forget Je t’aime, try szeretlek. Did you hear that? It’s the sound of fourteen vowels wrapped in a Uralic twang. Hungary is landlocked by Slavic nations, but the national language Magyar skipped the fate of harsh consonants. Take a morning stroll through Ecseri Flea Market with the crew from Fungarian and try your hand at some real-world Magyar.
The flea market scene is thriving in Budapest, it’s a one of the really romantic things for couples to do in Budapest. This fascinating bazaar market in Budapest is buzzing with energy and has trinkets galore! Learn a new language of love while marveling at the curious and characters. Learning a new language is one of the top things to do in Budapest for couples and a great skill to have.
Budapest Travel For Couples Tip!
Visit Budapest on a budget and take the cheaper 1 hour cafe Fungarian lesson at approx $55 USD for two. Or perhaps a Flea Market tour is more your thing, book your tour here.

View from Gellért Hill budapest
The incredible view from Gellért Hill

4. Picnic to the rhythm of changing seasons in Budapest

Standing forty meters atop Gellért Hill she guards the city. Szabadság Szobor, the freedom statue, is visible from every part of Budapest. The path to her is a hike through UNESCO World Heritage parklands. In Fall they shed golden leaves like snow. Pack a picnic and reward yourselves at the top with the best views of the city at this romantic European destination. A picnic with a view is one of the most romantic things to do in Budapest for couples.
Budapest Travel For Couples Tip!
Even the street food is world class in Budapest. Pack some sandwiches from the famous Bors Gaztro. A picnic isn’t complete without a bottle of wine and the Hungarian kind is some of the best on offer. Try a bottle from the Villány region with your lover, it’s a romantic things for couples to do in Budapest.

Castle Hill District, Budapest
The incredible Castle Hill District, Budapest

 5. Walk in the steps of Kings and Queens

Take the Funicular up the steep hill to the Castle District from the Buda side, it’s one of the many things to do in Budapest. With the National Gallery, museum and library close at hand you’ll need the entire afternoon to imagine yourselves into the fairytale baroque architecture. The grounds are open 24/7 – stay and watch the sunset over panoramic views of Pest. It’s one of Budapest’s most romantic destinations for couples visiting Europe.
Budapest Travel For Couples Tip!
Take your lover on a Funicular ride, it’s $7 USD for a return ticket. It’s one of the many great things for couples to do in Budapest, especially if you don’t like hiking. The Funicular is a cheap way to reach the Buda Castle without dripping in sweat or making your partner carry you. Not only is it a great experience but it also boasts breathtaking views of Budapest!

Budapest Thermal Baths
Budapest Thermal Baths- Photo by Shawn Harquail

6. Indulge your senses at the Thermal Baths

Spoil yourselves after a day’s exploring with a soak in one of Budapest’s thermal baths. The Gellert thermal baths are one of the most romantic things to do in Budapest for couples. Dating back to Turkish occupation the spas house pools of varying temperatures, saunas, steam rooms with massages for next to nix. Entry is around $10 USD for a rarely enforced two-hour stay. Indulge in a massage, ($15 USD) it’s one of the popular things for couples to do in Budapest and is a really romantic experience.
Budapest Travel For Couples Tip! 
Why not dodge the crowds and head to the lesser known and beautifully renovated Veli Bej Spa. The domes create pins of starry light while massage jets work magic. Slip from the spa to an aromatic steam room, it’s one of the most romantic things for couples to do in Budapest.

City Park, Budapest
The beautiful City Park, Budapest

7. Play make believe in a doll’s house

The Millennium Underground rail line (M1) welcomes you with finely crafted timber ticket boxes and tiny yellow cars. It’s more like a ride at the fair than public transport and is a great date idea for couples in Budapest. Take the train to Hősök and visit City Park, one of the many romantic things to do in Budapest. A green space that offers romance for all seasons. Boating in Summer, Spring flowers, Autumn vibrance and Winter ice-skating. The full-sized buildings are lavish facades built to celebrate Hungary’s architecture. Climb the adult sized doll house castle and imagine yourselves a modern day Shrek and Fiona for about $1 USD entry.

 Parliament Building Budapest
What a view from the magic tram- Parliament Building Budapest

8. Take a ride on a magic tram

Budapest’s Tram #2 follows the curve of the Danube with views of Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, Castle Hill and a bunch of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Jump on at Pest in the early morning for misty magic or at dusk for twinkling lights, it’s one of the most romantic things to do in Budapest. ‘Ooh’ and ‘aah’ over a close-up view of the Parliament Building. It’s the best budget hop-on-hop-off you’ll ever get. National Geographic rate it one of the best trolley cars in the world. You can get an all day travel pass for just $6 USD per person.

marget island budapest
Margret Island in the Fall

9. Run away to an island together

Alight tram #4 or #6 at Margit híd Budai hídfő and disappear into the heart of Margaret Island. The old royal hunting ground is a haven of romantic walks around medieval ruins and manicured gardens. You can listen to the musical fountain while you watch spring flowers bloom. In summer earn your date night stripes with tickets to concerts including orchestras, ballet and open-air cinema. It’s without a doubt one of the most romantic things for couples to do in Budapest on a day out.

Miniversum Model Museum budapest
Miniversum Model Museum

10. Just for the fun of it

Miniversum will have you feeling like children in a flash. A real-life downsizing, explore Budapest at 100 times smaller in this model museum. Miniversum will amuse and delight even the most hardened adults with buttons galore that make all kinds of things move and flash. You’ll be battling with kids for a go. It’s an ideal thing to do in Budapest on a rainy day for couples. Located in the famous Andrássy Avenue, enjoy a bit of window shopping afterwards along the Hungarian Champs-Élysées. Entrance is $10 USD per person.

Photography by Bert

Budapest is full of whimsy, magnificent views, exquisite architecture, stunning night lights and food that will leave you wanting to fly back for one more bite. There are so many romantic things to do in Budapest, especially for couples who’re travelling on a budget. If you’re travelling Europe, make sure you’re covered with Schengen travel insurance for your trip. The beauty of travelling to Budapest for couples is that its magic weaves across your heart. You fall in love with each other all over again just by being there.

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